Low solar activity despite growing Sunspot 1640

Low solar activity despite growing Sunspot 1640

Solar activity has been at low levels for the past 24 hours. The largest solar event  was a C1 flare erupting from Sunspot 1640, observed late on the January 3rd. Sunspot 1640 has developed a 'beta-gamma-delta' magnetic field that harbors energy for X-class solar flares. NOAA/SWPC forecasters estimate 5% chances of X-class flare and 25% chances of M-class solar flares.  There are currently 12 numbered sunspot regions on the disk with two new regions rotating onto the southeast limb.

X-Ray solar flares activity (Credit: GOES/NOAA/SWPC)

Sun seen by SDO's AIA 304 and STAR Active Region Map (Credit: SDO)


Solar wind flowing from coronal hole should reach Earth on January 8-9.

Follow Sun’s activity in real time via Space Weather Station

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