Meteor activity

spain fireball september 15 2021 f

Very bright fireball over southern Spain, meteorites likely

A very bright fireball was recorded over southern Spain at 20:25 UTC on September 15, 2021, with parts of it likely surviving the entry. The event lasted about 8 seconds and was seen by a wide number of people across the country. The high temperature reached during...

September 16, 2021

jupiter fireball impact september 13 2021 harald paleske f

Astronomers record small asteroid impacting Jupiter

A bright fireball -- most likely a small asteroid or a comet -- struck Jupiter at 22:39 UTC on September 13, 2021. The impact was seen and captured by astronomers across the world who were observing the ongoing transit of the shadow of Jupiter's moon Io. "A...

September 15, 2021

english channel fireball september 5 2021 f

Very bright and sonic fireball over the English Channel

A very bright and sonic fireball streaked through the night sky over the English Channel at 21:48 UTC on September 5, 2021. The event and was captured by numerous dashcams and Fripon video stations. The International Meteor Organization (IMO) received more than 400...

September 06, 2021

canada fireball august 21 2021 f

Very bright and low fireball near Ottawa, Canada

A very bright and low fireball was seen and recorded streaking through the night sky over southern Quebec and Ontario, Canada around 02:37 UTC on August 21, 2021. The International Meteor Organization (IMO) received more than 110 witness reports.1 The event lasted...

August 23, 2021

unexpected perseid outbreak august 14 2021 f

Unexpected large Perseid outburst detected on August 14

The Perseid meteor shower displayed an unexpected outburst between 06:00 and 9:00 UTC on August 14, 2021, at a level of 3 times the Perseid peak level before it returned to normal levels by 13:00 UTC. This activity may be related to the earlier smaller enhancements...

August 15, 2021

slow moving fireball august 10 2021 spain f

Slow-moving fireball over southern Spain

A slow-moving fireball was spotted over southern Spain at about 00:55 UTC on August 10, 2021. The fireball overflew the provinces of Ciudad Real and Albacete in the region of Castilla-La Mancha. This bright meteor was recorded in the framework of the SMART Project,...

August 10, 2021

alpha capricornid span august 5 2021 f

Very bright alpha-Capricornid fireball over Spain

A bright fireball associated with the alpha-Capricornid meteor shower was recorded over Spain at 00:22 UTC on August 5, 2021. The event was produced by a fragment from comet 169P/NEAT that impacted the atmosphere at about 90 000 km/h (55 900 mph), according to an...

August 07, 2021

perseids nasa f

Perseid meteor shower peaks on August 12 under excellent viewing conditions

Our planet is entering a stream of debris from comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle -- the source of Perseid meteor shower, active each year from July 17 to August 24. This will be your best chance to experience the shower until 2024. The shower is expected to reach peak...

August 06, 2021

izmir fireball july 30 2021 f

Very bright fireball over Izmir, sonic boom reported, Turkey

A very bright green fireball illuminated the night sky over the city of Izmir, Turkey around 23:00 UTC on July 30, 2021 (02:00 LT, July 31). The visual part of the event lasted several seconds before the object disintegrated. Several residents reported a sonic...

August 02, 2021

norway fireball july 24 2021 f

Very bright fireball over southern Norway, hunt for meteorites underway

A very bright fireball entered Earth's atmosphere over southern Norway at around 23:09 UTC on July 24, 2021 (01:09 LT, July 25). The event lasted for about 5 seconds before the object disintegrated in a series of flashes. ​A spokesperson for the Norwegian...

July 26, 2021

fireball bosnia and herzegovina july 22 2021 f

Bright fireball over Bosnia and Herzegovina

A bright fireball streaked through the night sky over Bosnia and Herzegovina at 00:10 UTC on July 22, 2021. The event was captured by 9 Global Meteor Network cameras. The fireball ended at the height of 35.2 km (21.9 miles) with a final velocity of 5 km/s....

July 23, 2021

puerto rico fireball july 16 2021 f

Long-lasting fireball over Puerto Rico

A large meteor entered the atmosphere over the Caribbean Sea at around 08:55 UTC (04:55 LT) on July 16, 2021, and was visible for 27 seconds. The object had a turquoise green color, suggesting it contained magnesium and copper. Eddie Irizarry, vice president of the...

July 20, 2021

idaho fireball july 4 2021 f

Bright fireball explodes over Idaho, U.S.

A very bright fireball exploded over Idaho, U.S. at around 04:48 UTC on July 4, 2021. The event lasted 5 or 6 seconds, culminating in a flash that illuminated the sky. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 84 reports from Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah,...

July 08, 2021

taiwan fireball july 6 2021 f

Very bright fireball explodes over Taiwan

A very bright fireball exploded over Taiwan shortly after 16:02 UTC on July 6, 2021 (00:02 LT, July 7). The event lasted around 40 seconds before the object disintegrated. The fireball was recorded by Lulin Observatory, located at the summit of Lulin Mountain in...

July 08, 2021

spain fireball july 2 2021

Slow-moving fireball over central Spain

A slow-moving fireball was recorded over central Spain at 21:49 UTC on July 2, 2021, and recorded in the framework of the SMART project, operated by the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN). This bolide overflew the province of Cuenca (region of Castilla-La...

July 03, 2021

spain fireball june 14 2021

Slow-moving meteor from large asteroid 2004 HW puts on spectacular display over Andalucía, Spain

A slow-moving fireball lit up the night sky over Andalucí​a, Spain, at 21:33 UTC (23:33 LT) on Monday, June 14, 2021. The spectacular event was mostly witnessed in the provinces of Sevilla, Malaga, and Cadiz. According to an analysis, the meteor entered the...

June 16, 2021

jacksonville fireball june 10 2021

Bright green fireball seen over Florida, U.S.

A bright fireball was spotted across Florida, U.S., at around 01:50 UTC on Thursday, June 10, 2021. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received at least 73 reports from witnesses across the state, as far north as Jacksonville and as far south as Fort Lauderdale....

June 10, 2021