Meteor activity

south africa fireball january 16 2019

Meteor explodes over Cape Town, South Africa

A bright meteor exploded over Cape Town, South Africa around 18:05 UTC on January 16, 2019 (20:05 local time). Bright light produced by the object was followed by very loud sound and ground shaking. The American Meteor Society has so far received 6 reports about...

January 17, 2019

east coast fireball january 9 2019 image by jeremy settle

Early-morning fireball over East Coast, US

A bright fireball was seen and recorded above the Northern East Coast at 11:35 UTC (06:35 EST) on January 9, 2019. The event lasted up to 6 seconds. ​The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 195 reports by 19:00 UTC. The event was seen from New York state to...

January 09, 2019

japan fireball january 2 2019 f

Bright fireball, sonic boom reported over Japan

A very bright fireball followed by a loud rumbling noise was seen over a wide area of western Japan early January 3, 2019 (LT). It's quite possible that parts of it survived atmospheric entry. The event took place at 19:50 UTC on January 2 (04:50 JST, January...

January 04, 2019

san francisco fireball december 20 2018 credit r abiad

Bright fireball over San Francisco Bay, California

A bright fireball streaked above the San Francisco, CA area at 01:35 UTC on December 20, 2018 (17:35 PST, December 19). The fireball was primarily seen from Northen California but people living in Nevada and Oregon also reported seeing the event. The American Meteor...

December 20, 2018

texas fireball december 11 2018 f

Bright fireball over San Antonio and Austin, Texas

A bright fireball was seen and recorded streaking through the night sky over southern Texas around 19:59 CST on December 10, 2018 (01:59 UTC, December 11). The event lasted 7 seconds before the object disappeared in a bright flash. The American Meteor Society...

December 11, 2018

mexico city fireball december 8 2018 f

Long-lasting green fireball lights up night sky over Mexico City

An impressive meteor fireball lit up the night sky over Mexico's capital Mexico City at 05:15 CST (11:15 UTC) on December 8, 2018. The event lasted for more than 10 seconds. According to Rodolfo Cobos Arriaga, president of Acapulco Astronomical Association, the...

December 10, 2018

meteor over spain december 5 2018

Three bright meteors recorded over Spain

SMART framework project detected and recorded three bright meteors over Spain on December 5, 2018. Their all-sky cameras registered the objects at 01:51 UTC, 03:33 and 05:41 UTC over the provinces of Valladolid, Granada, Jaén and Albacete. They were...

December 05, 2018

hungary fireball november 29 2018 f

Bright green fireball recorded over Hungary

A bright green fireball was recorded streaking through the early morning sky over southern Hungary at 04:10 UTC on November 29, 2018. The event lasted up to 4 seconds and was recorded by numerous web cameras located in Austria. The International Meteor Organization...

November 29, 2018

toronto canada fireball november 29 2018

Bright fireball over Toronto, Canada

A bright meteor was recorded streaking through the night sky over Toronto, the capital of Canadian province of Ontario at around 02:15 UTC on November 29, 2018. The event lasted several seconds. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 85 reports by 23:00 UTC. The...

November 29, 2018

novosibirsk russia fireball november 27 2018 evgeny petukhov

Glowing green fireball recorded over Novosibirsk, Siberia

A bright green fireball was recorded over the Russian city of Novosibirsk, Siberia around 01:00 UTC (08:00 LT) on November 27, 2018. The event lasted up to 3 seconds before the object disintegrated. Novosibirsk Planetarium asked those who witnessed and filmed the...

November 28, 2018

texas fireball christopher cato

Very bright fireball caught on camera over Texas, sonic boom reported

A very bright meteor was caught on camera over Texas at 03:25 UTC on November 16 (21:25 CDT, November 15). The object was seen for about 3 to 7 seconds and was followed by a sonic boom. It was primarily seen from Texas but was also seen from Louisiana and Oklahoma,...

November 16, 2018

spain north taurid meteor november 2 2018

Very bright North Taurid meteor over Spain

A very bright North Taurid meteor event was spotted over the south of Spain at 23:46 UTC on November 2 (00:46 local time, November 3). The meteor was brighter than the full Moon. The object is believed to be produced by a fragment from Comet Encke that hit the...

November 04, 2018

hokkaido fireball october 19 2018

Very bright meteor illuminates night sky over Hokkaido, Japan

A very bright meteor was seen and recorded over Hokkaido, Japan at 11:56 UTC (20:56 local time) on October 19, 2018. The event lasted several seconds before the object disintegrated. Fumitake Watanabe, an engineer at an observatory in the city of Nayoro, said the...

October 19, 2018

brazil fireball october 16 2018

Two bright meteors over South America, sonic boom reported

A bright fireball streaked through the night sky over Argentina on October 15, 2018, illuminating both sky and ground. Another meteor was recorded over South America on October 16. This time over Ceara in Brazil. Residents of Argentina's southern cities of...

October 17, 2018

newfoundland fireball october 1 2018

Fireballs streak over Washington, D.C. and Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Two notable fireballs were reported over the past couple of days over North America. The first over Newfoundland on October 1 and the second over Washington D.C. on October 2, 2018. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received just one report about a fireball seen...

October 04, 2018

reunion mauritius fireball september 25 2018

Third most energetic meteor of the year recorded over Reunion and Mauritius

A very bright fireball was observed over the islands of Reunion and Mauritius islands at 14:10 UTC on September 25, 2018. Its calculated total impact energy is 1.9 kt, making it the third most energetic meteor since the start of the year and 48th on record. The...

October 01, 2018

texas fireball september 19 2018 f

Bright fireballs streak over Texas and Alabama

A bright fireball streaked through the night sky over Texas at 03:18 UTC on September 19, 2018. At 03:10 UTC on September 23, another bright fireball was observed over Alabama. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received 76 reports about a fireball seen over...

September 24, 2018