Alert raised on Level 2 for New Zealand's White Island volcano

Alert raised on Level 2 for New Zealand's White Island volcano

GNS Science volcanologists raised volcanic alert to Level 2 (minor eruptive activity) and the Aviation Color Code to Orange level (volcanic eruption is under way with no or minor ash emission) after discovering a spiny lava dome at White Island volcano in an existing small crater formed as a result of the recent eruptions in August.

"The dome is probably 20 – 30 metres across and has spines sticking up. In more than 30 years visiting White Island I’ve never seen anything like it." GNS Science volcanologist Brad Scott.
Lava dome grows from the inside as new magma comes up and pushes the already cooled magma upwards and outwards. It is still unknown for how long the dome has been growing, but possibly since the ash eruption in early August. Lava domes are common at some volcanoes, but have never been seen before at White Island.

A close up view of the dome. The dome is made of thick, relatively cool and congealed lava and has prominent spines. The dome is about 20 – 30 metres across. In the foreground is a small, cold lake. (Credit: Brad Scott/GeoNet)


Lava domes are usually formed by magma that has lost most of its gases so that it is very sticky. This causes the magma to pile up over the volcanic event and form a dome. Magma last reached the surface at White Island in 2000 when erupted explosively as molten rocks called volcanic bombs (rather than forming a dome).

GNS Science head volcanologist Gill Jolly explains that Volcanic Alert Level and Aviation Color Code have been raised to reflect the new style of eruptive activity.

White Island showing a wide view of the active crater area. The lava dome is at the base of the prominent steam plume on the right side. The larger steam plume on the left side comes from a hot lake. (Credit: Brad Scott/GeoNet)


Experts are concerned if lava dome should grow, because it can be accompanied by explosive eruptions and could impact people on the island.

GNS Science continues to closely monitor White Island through the GeoNet project.

Volcano drum showing seismic activity over the last 24 hours (Credit: GNS)

White Island webcams


In August 2012, Mount Tongariro and White Island had small eruptions, and are still displaying signs of increased activity - currently at Volcanic Alert Level 1.

Featured image: White Island, showing the white clouds of highly acidic gases (Credit: GNS/GeoNet)


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