What is happening with solar observing instruments right now?!


While trying to access SOHO’s coronograph data we noticed that the latest LASCO C2 image is updated on August 18 at 13:36 and LASCO C3 at 13:30. Also, SOHO’s EIT 304 latest image is from August 17 at 13:19, EIT 195 is from August 16 at 13:13 while EIT 171 and 284 show no data.

We checked up “keyhole” schedule but it is scheduled for September, not August.

Then, we start to look at SDO images but we came across similar problem. AIA and HMI images are not updated. Latest AIA image is from August 18 at 06:00 UTC as well as HMI. But this time we knew the “reason”. It looks like air conditioning at Stanford University stopped at early hours on August 18. SDO twitted and announced on their website that HMI and AIA images will not be available until the problem is solved, possibly Monday. They stated that science data is unaffected but they don’t have access to the computer drives that hold the images. Yeah, right…

No A.C. at Stanford, HMI & AIA Images Not Available

Sat, 18 Aug 2012

Late last night the air conditioning at Stanford University stopped. HMI & AIA images will not be available until the problem is solved, possibly Monday. The science data is unaffected, but we do not have access to the computer drives that hold the images.

STEREO Ahead and Behind EUVI, COR1  and COR 2 images were last updated on August 19 at 06:06 UTC. But then something got weird. Looking at STEREO Behind HI images we saw some kind of errors. Nothing like we saw before.

Then more errors. PROBA2  SWAP 174 data (at 13:45 UTC on August 19) and  MLSO Mk4.

We looked at EVE imagery and found some black object left from the Sun. Kind of puzzled?!

Then all from the sudden we noticed strange light trails ahead of Sun – EVE and GOES 15

Well, something is going on with our sun observing instruments and we would like to get some answers.

If you are interested as well, stay tuned with us and come back for more updates!


THIS STORY WILL BE UPDATED so come back if you want to know more



It looks like SOHO LASCO coronographs are back again.

New message from SDO:  Chilled water is still off at Stanford and HMI and AIA images remain unavailable. Best estimate is they will be available Monday afternoon.

Latest STEREO Behind COR 2 image from 18:55 UTC is showing some error.


SOHO’s coronographs are back again. However, most of the images from the time when coronographs were down are with errors.

Enlil data shows that STEREO Ahead was hit by CME cloud.


Intensive solar flare took place off the farside of the Sun producing a bright CME (seen on STEREO Ahead COR2 images).




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  1. Regarding Mitch Battros.

    Two words – Thunderbolts website.

    Those guys at that site have much of it already figured out, unaided by Mitch Battros and his Galactic crew. Their forums discuss Sun-Earth connections and the Sun’s interaction with other celestial bodies.

  2. Wow! Check out the 08.19.2012 pixelated black and blue image of a CME cloud interfering with STEREO. The pixelated purple image with black anomaly and light trails near the sun recorded by EVE is impressive, but not jaw-dropping enough for me to worry much at the moment.

    This video was posted on 08.16.2012 on youtube and ‘appears’ to be similar to the dark object near the sun with light trails in the purple image above with a date stamp of 08.19.2012, a three day difference.

    The dark anomaly in the youtube video is in front of the CME flash. Had the dark anomaly been engulfed or behind the CME it would have never been recorded by EVE. I don’t know if the images are coming from the same source, but they sure do appear similar.


    Interesting nonetheless . . . you decide.

  3. Mitch Battros reports: A new report from the National Research Council presents a prioritized program that will advance scientific understanding of the Sun, Sun-Earth connections and the origins of “space weather,” and the Sun’s interactions with other bodies in the solar system. Why do you think the NRC has become so alarmed as to put out a “prioritized and immediate” request from NASA, NSF, NOAA, Univ. of Colo. Atmospheric and Space Physics, Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and Johns Hopkins University of Applied Physics?
    Aug 17, 2012 – 4:25:46 PM

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