Peter Mungo Jupp: The Black Death and Cosmic Chaos


Archaeologist and Thunderbolts colleague Peter Mungo Jupp presents a radical idea that civilization-destroying plagues may be governed by electromagnetism such as cosmic rays.

Nature often uses triggers based on hard to pinpoint factors when losing its newest progeny.

For example, we see a rise of inexplicable mice plagues, seasonal infections, aggressive behavior, locust swarms, volcanic activity, earthquakes, and tsunamis.

If nature relies on electromagnetic signals, what happens when these signals become chaotic? Perhaps the devastating Bubonic plague of 1346–1353 (aka The Black Death) illustrates just such a black picture.

Video courtesy Peter Mungo Jupp, The Thunderbolts


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  1. This is the kind of loosey-goosey story telling that will harm us when/as Nature truly becomes ugly .. by making us too dumb to conceive rational prescription. Watchers degrades itself w/ this sort of low standardd.

  2. Perfectly true.Electromagnetism is the expression of the singularity.A force largely underestimated, on purpose, by the current scientific dogma.Electromagnetism can be defined as ” photon’s harvest” through trauma imposed on matter and that results in Sound Plea.Let’s say it is a Peculiar definition of the work of AI.

  3. Electromagnetic phenomena as a reverse function of as-yet uncounted bio-mechanical activity? Could the dinosaur killing asteroid HAVE BEEN ATTRACTED by the dinosaur’s decaying biome? Could ours, as a result of brain-dead abuse, attract nearer and nearer near misses of oncoming bolides, bad weather, etc. etc.? Recall the Chinese mandate of heaven: up to us to duplicate scientifically, were we wise enough to do so. Were healthy ecologies better shielded from intemperate disaster? Sounds reasonable. Could we duplicate the same health, here on WeaponWorld turned into PeaceWorld? Fascinating.

    More! More!

  4. Crop failure leads to starvation which leads to lower immune system. Weather changes will effect people, pests and microbes creating a more unhealthy milieu and more stress or proliferation. GSM brings in more rain and moisture hence fungi would be a big problem for people. It’s a huge chain reaction. Living things are connected to their environment. When the environment changes, organism need to adapt, migrate or die.

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