Record cold temperatures hit Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, Brazil


Brazil's southern states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina– in which at least 23 municipalities saw minimal negatives– registered scores of record cold temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 14 and 15, 2020.

The mercury plummeted to -10 °C (14 °F) in higher altitude areas in Santa Catarina. Most cities, including lower-lying areas of the Rio Grande do Sul, also shivered through below-freezing cold temperatures.

Bom Jardim da Serra recorded -10 °C (14 °F), the area's all-time coldest temperature ever. It tied with the record that was set on August 2, 1991.

The lowest minimum during the same period was -8.8 °C (16.16 °F) in the town of Sao Joaquim.

Temperatures pummeled even lower on Wednesday as at least 23 municipalities in Santa Catarina had minimal negatives and record cold. 

A piercing -8.1 C° (17.4 °F) hit Urupema, along with a hard frost. According to meteorologist Leandro Puchalski of the NSC Meteorological Center, this was the state's lowest minimum so far in 2020.

The previous mark was -6 °C (21.2 °F), set by Bom Jardim da Serra on June 3.

Among the areas in Santa Catarina that recorded below-freezing cold were the following:

-6.6 °C (20.12) in Urubici, -4.6 °C (23.7 °F) in Curitibanos and Rio Rufino, -3.7 °C (25.3 °F) in Lebon Regis, -3.6 ° (25.5 °F) in Otacilio Costa, -3.5 °C (25.7 °F) in Bom Retiro, -3.3 °C (26.1 °F) in Fraiburgo, -2.7 °C (27.1 °F) in Bocaina do Sul, -2.5 °C (27.5) °F in HUnter and Lages, -2.4 °C (27.7 °F) in Palmeira and Frei Rogerio, -2 °C (28.4 °F) in Brunopolis, -1.7 °C (28.9 °F) in Rio das Antas, Monte Castelo, and Monte Carlo, -1.6 °C (29.1 °F) in Sao Cristovao do Sul and Santa Cecilia, and -0.7 °C (30.7 °F) in Ibiam.

In the Rio Grande do Sul, Santana do Livramento registered -4 °C (24.8 °F). Campo Bom registered -2 °C (28.4 °F), its lowest temperature since July 25, 2013, when the yearly minimum was -4 ° (24.8 °F).

Frost was also reported in Caxias do Sul, Gramado, Tres Coroas, and Cambara do Sul, as well as parts of Porto Alegre.

Featured image credit: MetSul


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