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At least 2 400 cold temperature records broken or tied in the U.S. from February 12 to 16, 2021


At least 2 400 preliminary daily cold temperature records, including cold maximums and minimums, were broken or tied at longer-term sites (75+ years of data) in the United States from February 12 to 16, 2021. The cold snap peaked from February 14 to 16. Another winter storm will affect a large area from Friday, February 19 — from the Lower Mississippi Valley into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Over just the past week, much of the Lower 48 has been punished with record-breaking cold and unusually heavy snow and ice, NWS Weather Prediction Center said.

From the Pacific Northwest across the Rockies and into the Southern Plains and Midwest, the snowfall has been measured in feet. Ice and snow continue to plague Texas and the Northeast.

In the NCEI database, approximately 30% of available U.S. sites set cold maximum records, and about 20% set minimum records.

Analyzed temperatures were 22 to 28 °C (40 – 50 °F) below average over a large portion of the central and southern Plains.

At the peak of the cold, more than 5 million homes were without power, most of them in Texas (4.3+ million). More than 30 people have lost their lives.

Credit: NOAA

Some of the records on February 15 and 16 include:

-38.8 °C (-38 °F) at Hibbing/Chisholm, MN on February 15. The previous record was -35.5 °C (-28 °F) set on February 15, 1939.

-36.1 °C (-33 °F) at Valentine, NE on February 15. The previous record was -33.3 °C (-28 °F) set in 2007.

-33.8 °C (-29 °F) at North Platte, NE on February 15. The previous record was -30.5 °C (-23 °F) set in 1881.

-35 °C (-31 °F) at Lincoln, NE on February 16. The previous record was -27.7 °C (-18 °F) set in 1978.

-34.4 °C (-30 °F) at Hastings, NE on February 16. The previous record was -25 °C (-13 °F) set in 1979.

-33.3 °C (-28 °F) at Sioux City, IA on February 16. The previous record was -31.6 °C (-25 °F) set in 1936.

73% of CONUS was covered in snow as of midnight CST, February 16, making it the greatest extent on record in the database which dates back to 2003.

Here are some snowfall totals over the past two days for the winter storm that entered Texas and Oklahoma Tuesday morning, February 16. 

"Some very impressive numbers for what has been an extraordinarily active pattern over the past week," NWS WPC said.

On February 14, U.S. saw the largest area covered by issued Winter Storm Warnings in the Lower 48 states since at least 2005.

~1.6 million km2 (994 193 mi2) beats the previous number 1 day over the past 15+ years of 1.2 million km2 (745 645 mi2) on February 1, 2011.

A major winter storm will continue to bring significant impacts from the Mid-Atlantic to Northeast U.S. today, February 18, with significant ice accumulations and heavy snowfall expected.

Well below normal temperatures will exist throughout the central third of the country into the weekend.

Featured image: Temperature anomaly U.S. on February 15, 2021. Credit: NWS


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  1. GEO ENGINEERING??? Those scoundrels so love to take credit puff themselves up to look powerful in their FAKE NEWS MEDIA. They just add on and make it worse with their weapons of destructions whenever the opportunity arises (seeding clouds, chem poisoning the atmosphere etc. arson spots in some areas but not wide spread) bragging in their media that they are the ones making these unusual weather patterns and climate change WHEN THEY ARE NOT! are not the ones making these changes at all. It is We the People (we are actually DIVINE BEINGS), Gaia a living soul in earth form, and our portal Sun (not that fire-ball sun NASA fools everyone with, that does not exist, they are such LIARS)

    This is Gaia, a living soul in earth form CLEARING OUT THE MAN-MADE LOWER ENERGIES (of wars, conflicts, toxic energies ETC.) RELEASING THE TOXIC SHIT THAT HE CREATES, from below and above her surface. YOU KEEP CREATING THESE LOWER ENERGIES & GAIA WILL REMOVE IT HER WAY by FIRE, FLOODS or ICE… her way! and she is being as gentle as she can.

    This is to allow the higher (lighter) ENERGIES to flow in more freely by way of our portal sun and flood earth easily in the otherwise hard to penetrate man-made heavy dense energies.

    “Gaia is a living soul in earth form and not material matter
    to be owned destroyed and used for self serving.
    Gaia took the body of earth in order to provide a place
    for people to evolve, but as the result of mankind’s ignorance
    and selfishness has become very damaged and has
    chosen to ascend to a higher resonance.
    Please include this living, breathing loving soul in your
    realization in truth and Light.

    1. Father Sun and Mother Earth….!!!
      this simple concept is almost impossible to understand by this so overdomesticated human race.
      I say to myself,chosse or living domesticated or Natural and free and openminded

  2. Weather events ARE a smokescreen,but also,weeding the chaff from the wheat.
    Who’s or whom,are pulling the wool over our eyes?
    Bare in mind the weather,but watch people in general.
    Look for authenticity,not a script.

  3. There are VERY bright sides. Think of all the mosquitoes and nasty insects being frozen to death. Even the alligators are being frozen. Winter does a wonderful job of getting rid of pests.

  4. I have yet to see the correlation drawn of this weather being a direct parallel with that of February 1899, also known as the Great Blizzard of ’99, and that this time frame of 120+/-yrs has been noted, for a common age of records broken, for the last 2 yrs on many, many occasions. Further, that the even older records being broken fall into the range of 140-160yrs giving us a practical idea of where the bulk of our weather records to be broken are headed over the next year; notwithstanding that there have been a few records broken which are off the charts; i.e., never seen before! To give a little weight and context from my own situation: my front door is on top of the 2,100 yr old bank of our river as determined by the geological blueprint of our metro area. My doorstep, 82 meters / 269.03 feet above sea level, is 21.5 meters above the contemporary all time record height of the river recorded in 2019, which eclipsed the flooding of 2017, which peaked one inch below the berm of west Ottawa, CA., at 60.51 meters. I do expect the river to crest the berm, and then breach it, when it peaks within the next 3yrs at or above the historic level; maybe even above the prehistoric level. I expect a clearer vision of that projection within the next 6 to 12 weeks as it may well breach this year. That would produce between 1/4 and 1 Billion in losses CDN $.
    It is interesting that I endured some of the worst weather in Abilene, TX, which regularly sends many major Storm Cells directly to where I live now. You can run from the weather but you cannot really hide. Thank you very much for your work.

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