Unprecedented cold and record snow engulf parts of South America


A powerful Antarctic cold mass is bringing unprecedented cold, record snow, and frosts to parts of South America, such as Argentina and Brazil.

In Brazil, one of the strongest polar air masses in the past years is starting to make temperatures drop in the Rio Grande do Sul. According to MetSul, the cold is forecast to intensify, and its coverage will be very large in South America, spreading across many countries.

MetSul also warned of severe frosts that will continue to impact much of Brazil, causing significant damage. Very rare snow is predicted for the country's southern region and outside the high plains. 

"All numerical models analyzed by MetSul indicate the occurrence of snow in southern Brazil in this polar cold event," wrote MetSul.

In Argentina, a cold spell and rare snow have been reported in the provinces of Buenos Aires and Santa Fe this week. The observatory in the capital registered a daily high record of 8.5 °C (47.3 °F) on June 27, followed by historic overnight lows. 

On June 28, several areas registered their coldest mornings this year, including -4 °C (24.8 °F) in Mendoza Aero, -4.4 °C (24 °F) in Mendoza Obs, -3.9 °C (25 °F) in Saint Martin, -6.9 °C (19.6 °F) in San Rafael, and -11.7 °C (10.9 °F) in Malargue.

The freezing temperatures and record snow has been ongoing in the country for weeks. On June 16, snow fell in Cordoba for the seventh time in 100 years, and it was also the first time the city was covered in white in 14 years. 

Snow in the area is believed to have occurred on rare occasions in the past 100 years– in 1912, 1918, 1920, 1955, 1975, and 2007.​

Featured image credit: @MeteoFedex


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  1. THE MYTH MAKERS ARE EXPOSED AND SCATTERED………………………………………Heat-wave shatters records in Northern hemisphere and record freezing temperatures in the Southern hemisphere, at the same time. The Mass media is only concentrating on the temperature during summer time either in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. The reason is to support the myth of man-made climate change that suits their political agenda. The current climate situation and the record breaking temperatures in the north and south at the same time is decisive evidence against the myth of man-made climate change. The Sun is misunderstood MYTH MAKERS, and without understanding the Sun you cannot understand the most important facts about the Earth, including the cyclic events that cause massive Earth changes from time to time throughout Earth’s history. Hai Capito?

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