Hundreds of wildfires burn across Russia - Smoke reaches Mongolia

Hundreds of wildfires burn across Russia - Smoke reaches Mongolia

Hundreds of wildfires continue to burn across Russia, and more than 14 new fires have broken out over the past 24 hours. While eleven of them have been put out, firefighters are still struggling to extinguish another 32 blazes. Authorities say the fires do not pose a threat to residential areas.

Hundreds of fires continued to burn in central Russia in early July, 2012, belching tremendous quantities of smoke across the region. In this image below, most of the fires appear to be burning in Tomsk Oblast and Krasnoyarsk Krai, with other blazes speckling the green land across the entire image. Smoke pours to the southeast, and curls across the Tyumen and Omsk Oblast. The smoke it so thick it completely obscures the ground.

The density of the smoke and the high number of fires in this region is remarkable, however, many other fires continue to blaze across Russia – far too many to be captured on one MODIS image. On July 3, Interfax reported that 90 wildfires were registered in the past 24 hours in the Russian Far East, 70 of which burned in the Khabarovsk Territory alone.

Source: MODIS, EOSnap

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