Winter returns to Europe, severe blizzards, widespread frost damage

Winter returns to Europe, severe blizzards, widespread frost damage

As expected, winter has returned to Europe in the middle of spring, bringing huge amounts of snow, blizzard conditions and devastating widespread frost. While this first cold wave will be over soon, another one is already on its way toward central Europe and Balkan Peninsula and a third which will first affect Iceland and the UK and then spread to entire Europe. 

After unusually warm March and the first week of April which tricked both people and plants spring has arrived, mother nature decided to take a different route and brought significant cold outbreak to much of Europe.

Severe blizzards and huge amounts of snow were reported as well as traffic chaos and devastating widespread frost, but the bad weather is still not over.

While farmers are already witnessing huge damage, at least two more cold waves will engulf Europe before April ends. It's still too early to say, but it's very likely May will start with similar conditions.

While such cold weather in April and the first half of May is not that unusual in parts of Europe, it is important to understand that it comes after a prolonged period of very warm temperatures and an excellent harvest forecast.

Forecast model below suggests what's coming next:

Featured image credit: Titouan Rimbault Photographe - Auxerre via Severe Weather Europe


skywalker 3 years ago

this is not mother natures fault, there are other far larger influencing factors at play here on earth , and mother nature is as much a victim as we humans are in the grand deception being played upon us

Shiloh 3 years ago

weather MANipulation.......

wake up people

BM 3 years ago

They told us it will be a warmer year!

Dave 3 years ago

Global warming??? Bring it on. It's freezing winter and summer

hawkeye 3 years ago

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