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The origin and mechanism of the Sun’s magnetic field still an unsolved mystery using the current model


The origin and mechanism of sunspots, solar flares and heating of the corona to millions of degrees remains a mystery under the current standard solar model. In the past 95 years several theories were proposed, but none could really explain the origin and how the Sun’s magnetic field is generated.

The first serious theory that tried to solve this problem was introduced by Larmor in 1919. He proposed that the motion of charged particles on the solar surface create magnetic fields, like current flowing in a wire. But this was soon dismissed by T.S Cowling on the grounds that these "dynamo fields" cannot be self-sustaining due to the resistance of the solar gases. In other words, the solar plasma would dissipate the magnetic fields almost as quickly as they tried to form.

Early in the second half of the 20th century, Eugene Parker proposed another solution to the solar magnetic fields. This became known as the "Parker Solar Dynamo Theory". Parker’s theory was based on the idea that currents of charged particles in the convective zone would induce magnetic fields and these fields would rise to the surface. Along the way the magnetic fields would be cyclonically twisted by the Coriolis effects. This process is supposed to form sunspot-like magnetic regions at the surface. Over a full solar cycle these magnetic field regions would merge and form a large-scale solar magnetic field. This theory of Parker’s was followed, or complemented, by the Babcock-Leighton Model.

According to the BL Model the differential rotation of the solar surface would distort the magnetic fields and wrap them more tightly. As a result sunspots would tend to form at higher solar latitudes at the beginning of the cycle and then move steadily to lower latitudes as the cycle progressed. Despite the fact that the Parker theory and the BL Model together could explain some of the sunspot cycle observations, they could not predict the cycle length and more importantly they did not explain in detail how the surface magnetic field was created in the first place. Calculations have also shown that the Sun’s magnetic field cannot be generated in the highly-turbulent convection zone or in the radiative zone.

However, the currently accepted theory suggests that the solar dynamo is divided into two separate processes; the Local Dynamo and the Global Dynamo. The first one is responsible for generating small-scale magnetic features on the solar surface through the flow of charged particles in the granulation convection. The Global Dynamo is responsible for generating and evolving the main features of the Sun (such as sunspots), creating the changes that take place during the solar cycle activities and the overall magnetic polarity of the Sun. 

Even still, recent observations by satellites and space observatories have shown that the Dynamo theory is obsolete.

Researchers have found an ideal way to show how heat from the deep interior of the Sun is transferred to its surface. They have created an "MRI" of the Sun’s interior plasma motion. 

In order to develop their "MRI" of the Sun’s plasma flows, the researchers used high-resolution images of the Sun’s surface, taken by the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) onboard NASA’S Solar Dynamic Observatory. Using a 16-million pixel camera, HMI analyses motion on the surface of the Sun caused by convection. The invisible plasma motion was calculated using the observed movement of waves on the surface of the Sun.

What the researchers found was more evidence against the reigning physics dogma. The speed of the Sun’s plasma motions were found to be approximately 100 times slower than what theoretical physicists had previously projected based on the current solar model.

"Our current theoretical understanding of magnetic field generation in the Sun relies on these motions being of a certain magnitude," said the Indian scientist, Shravan Hanasoge, a researcher in geoscience at Princeton University. "These convective motions are currently believed to prop up large-scale circulations in the outer third of the Sun that generate magnetic fields. However, our results suggest that convective motions in the Sun are nearly 100 times smaller than these current theoretical expectations. If these motions are indeed that slow in the Sun, then the most widely accepted theory concerning the generation of solar magnetic field is broken, leaving us with no compelling theory to explain its generation of magnetic fields and the need to overhaul our understanding of the physics of the Sun’s interior."

But the dilemma of the Sun’s magnetic field is not only connected to its generation but also to its origin. According to the theory of stellar evolution the Sun, like all stars, is supposed to be formed from a cloud of interstellar gas by the process of the gravitational collapse, and its magnetic field is a remnant of the ancient field acquired by at the time of its formation.

There is no way that the current magnetic field of the Sun, which is the strongest magnetic field compared to any other body in the solar system, can be a remnant of an ancient magnetic field. If this is the case then the primordial surface field must have diffused back out into space in just a few million years. In other words, the vestigial magnetic field should have been carried off by the solar wind and by the ejected plasma (Coronal Mass Ejections).

Astronomers and astrophysicists who study newly formed stars observe very high activity from these young stellar objects. They produce intense flares and other powerful magnetic explosions during their chromospherically-active formative years. Thus, if our star went through the same process, then its ancient magnetic field must have diffused into space in a matter of a few million years after its formation.

Theoretical physicists not only believe that the magnetic field of the Sun is a remnant of the ancient field acquired by it during its formation, but they also believe this primordial field is still trapped within the so-called "Radiative Zone", located 100,000 km below the Sun’s surface. They also think that the strength of this field is over one million Gauss. But this theoretical belief is not supported by any modern space observation. Data from satellites like SOHO use Helioseismometers clearly show that the internal magnetic field cannot be stronger than 30 Gauss.

However, I am not surprised that the Sun’s magnetic field is still a puzzle because the current model cannot explain any basic features of the Sun, let alone the magnetic field. But what can we do? The ruling establishment and scientific authority in advanced notions – not poor and backwards ones – refuse to have an open debate about this crucial issue. They are demanding more money from poor taxpayers to carry on their fusion research, which is based on the current dogma. The money they spent in the last 65 years has been incredible – yet they are still unable to break even. 

The input energy spent on generating this hypothetical reaction is still much bigger than the output. More importantly, this reaction cannot be sustained for a sufficient period of time and according to my understanding they will never be able to sustain it.

Written by Jamal S. Shrair

Featured image: In this false-color ultraviolet image, the Sun shows a C3-class solar flare (white area on upper left), a solar tsunami (wave-like structure, upper right) and multiple filaments of plasma following a magnetic field, rising from the stellar surface. Credit: NASA SDO/AIA

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  1. Why some of the authors of this article are not not discussed after my bet? This means or, this is what I gave, some stupidity or is it similar to and for what they claim.
    I do not posses any models (because they are for me babe gypsies, and watching schedule beans, telling fortunes), but I have a logical view of the unity of the participants in the solar system (planets and the sun). Their “consensus” in the interaction of, given all the phenomena in the solar system. What we see are only indicators of the causes of these phenomena (such as sunspots). Causes should be sought. They can not be found in programs and models that make some for yourself, such as walls flowing golden calf-like deity whom they worshiped him, and believed, while Moses went to God to bring trust Misters, the main causes of all the phenomena around us and in us the relations between the parties in existence at all. Is there, today, any of scientists, institutions or government states that the interest in something new that can bring the result, and to give up some empty stories that are repeated hundreds of years and do not give any results. I offer cooperation to find the true causes of many phenomena. What about what today’s science is losing trillions of dollars, where millions of professionals “flogging a dead horse”, believing in nonsense such as the Big Bang and all that is behind it created (as they think), something “dark” about which revolves the whole Science, and still do not want to know what it is, and many other “scientific mirages”, including the pursuit of God particle and a waste of money to various Collider. And what they get? They think they will thus surpass God, for he poor man is not aware of what was created and they want to help him to appear some particles from which it is grown, nothing less than the universe. Scroll down to earth !!!.

  2. Magnetism is one of the properties of matter in its creation and is unbalanced force that occurs between the light and the ether from which matter is created by the high vibrations of ether. Since the ether for us yet unknown properties, and magnetism and light touches have common characteristics, it is necessary to perform studies of these phenomena using known karakreristike light and the creation of electrical fields, which occur as a result of gravity, which compaction matter deformed atoms and electrons ejected from outer electron shells. Since the mass (piled matter) moving along imposed laws of nature, will now positively charged mass moving through the electrical field formed by the magnetic field orientation and so strong as it might be achieved in the mutual relationship between the mass in circulation.
    As indicators of this process, namely the sunspot cycle.
    If someone wants to make about a valid theory, I offer constructive cooperation and I think we can solve this and almost figure out the true causes of all phenomena in the sun and planets.
    This is my idea and I do not want anyone to be in use without my consent.

  3. Steller evaluation is only a theory not a fact. man has ever witnessed this event. The variation in magnetic fields are caused by the layers in the sun and the friction caused by there movement. The magnetic fields echo to the surface. The movement between these two layers causes extreme heat and in turn light.

  4. The reorganization of the universe manifested in magnetic fields, the distances of each stellar body determines it the attraction and repulsion of the other bodies present in a given area of the cosmic spectrum. The movement and the rest of these is determined by the magnetism exerted some and others, this force determines the distance to each other remain. As the Sun field in Astrophysics who has graduated levels of transmission to different bodies, this same creative impulse of forces required by the mutual attraction with its variations allows the increase or decrease of a spectroscopy or force detectable planets and bodies. Circular motion that keeps a distance each reciprocal maintains a frequency of attraction to its energy needs to maintain its creative systems. The attraction to the Sun is in many respects a wide range of radiation with each of them demanding a quality and quality of energy in attraction. THE Sun is a simple provider of frequencies of creation.

    The interaction of any physical body that relies on solar radiation no matter the intensity or the vagueness of such a force is part of a conglomerate of energies that sustain solar stability since its creation.

    The seas on Earth, metals, magma, volcanoes etc., are examples of the way in which the Astrophysics explains the function of the Sun’s rays to the Earth as an example.

    The sodium and potassium which genre the first form of life on earth did for their accumulation in area lakes and saltwater seas. Initially the water might be sweet, these elements present in the sun radiation, concentrated in the waters forming the salt water. In principle was an interact where the accumulation of elements created in this orbit where it maintains the Earth as an example. Once manifested life containing 67% salt in the created bodies that same need to maintain the same frequency as a creative principle of the glands in the bodies. Seeing all the kingdoms and created things that suck the sunlight to keep their conditions of the law of existence in an orbit as the Earth, the millions of polarities that suck the Sun frequency of different power capacity created in the Sun an amalgam of forces of attraction to other orbits where your energy is a necessity to the ability that emerges from the same Sun to meet their States to be part of the creation, even if it seems silly is a primary function of the Sun and to the extent that its forces are required to maintain the creation in progress their magnetic fields may not be at rest but in a rash consisting of energy fields to maintain balance in the cosmic part of what manifests itself.

    A balance that is not regulated at the moment by the Sun, but the energy out of it that depends on his presence and substance to keep energy fields operating at interstellar distances. For the man who only sees a miasma of those functions is makes it difficult to visualize this phenomenon. If in our body we maintain 67% of salt in the body is salt in its debut arose and accumulated in our environment, lakes and seas, such as sodium and potassium, that also have proposed that our gland thalamus originated as a bomb of sodium and potassium in the salty waters of any body of water.

    AGATE STONE Amazon by Gaspar pay

    Wednesday, October 8, 2014

  5. Gaspar Pagan
    Carolina Puerto Rico
    La reorganización del universo se manifestó en campos magnéticos, las distancias de cada cuerpo estelar la determina la atracción y repulsión de los demás cuerpos presentes en un área determinada del espectro cósmico. El movimiento y el reposo de estos está determinado por el magnetismo que ejercen unos y otros, esta fuerza determina la distancia a que se mantienen unos de otros. Siendo el sol el campo en la astrofísica que ha graduado los niveles de transmisión a diferentes cuerpos, este mismo impulso creador de fuerzas exigidas por la atracción mutua con sus variaciones permite el incremento o disminución de una espectroscopia o fuerza detectable hacia los planetas y cuerpos. El movimiento circular que mantiene cada uno a una distancia reciproca mantiene una frecuencia de atracción hacia sus necesidades de energía para mantener sus sistemas creativos. La atracción hacia el sol es en muchos aspectos una variada gama de radiación con cada una de ellas exigiendo una calidad y cualidad de energía en atracción. EL sol es un simple proveedor de frecuencias de creación.
    La interacción de cualquier cuerpo físico que dependa de una radiación solar no importa la intensidad o la vaguedad de esa fuerza es parte de un conglomerado de energías que sustentan la estabilidad solar desde su creación.
    Los mares en la tierra, los metales, el magma, los volcanes etc., son ejemplos de la forma en que la astrofísica explica la función de los rayos solares a la tierra como un ejemplo.
    El sodio y el potasio que genero la primeras forma de vida en la tierra lo hizo por su acumulación en área de lagos y mares de agua salada. En un principio el agua pudo ser dulce, la radiación de estos elementos presentes en el sol, se concentraron en las aguas formando el agua salada. En su principio fue un interactuar de donde se creó la acumulación de elementos en esta orbita donde se mantiene la tierra como ejemplo. Una vez se manifestó la vida conteniendo un 67 % de sal en los cuerpos creados esa misma necesidad de mantener la misma frecuencia de un principio creador de las glándulas en los cuerpos. Viendo todos los reinos y cosas creadas que succionan la luz solar para mantener sus condiciones de la ley de existencia en una órbita como la tierra, las millones de polaridades que succionan del sol una capacidad de frecuencia de energía diferente crean en el sol una amalgama de fuerzas de atracción hacia otras orbitas donde su energía es una necesidad a la capacidad que emerge del mismo sol para cumplir con sus estados de ser parte de la creación, aunque parezca tonto es una función primordial del sol y a la magnitud que sus fuerzas son exigidas para mantener la creación en progreso sus campos magnético no podrán estar en reposo sino en una erupción constante de campos de energía para mantener un equilibrio en la parte cósmica de lo que se manifiesta.
    Un equilibrio que no está regulado de momento por el sol, sino de la energía fuera de él que depende de su presencia y sustancia para mantener campos de energía funcionando a distancias interestelares. Para el ser humano que solo ve una miasma de esas funciones se le hace difícil visualizar ese fenómeno. Si en nuestro cuerpo mantenemos un 67 % de sal en el cuerpo es sal en su principio surgió y se acumuló en nuestros entorno, lagos y mares, como sodio y potasio, por eso también he propuesto que nuestra glándula tálamo se originó como una bomba de sodio y potasio La funcion del talamo en la creacion en las aguas saladas de algun cuerpo de agua.
    AGATA STONE Amazon by Gaspar Pagan
    Wednesday, October 8, 2014

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