A summer of supermoons - July, August and September

A summer of supermoons - July, August and September

The summer of 2014 will be bathed in moonlight as three perigee "supermoons" occur in consecutive months: July, August, September. The first supermoon is on July 12 at 08:28 UTC, the second on August 10 at 17:44 UTC and the third on September 9 at 03:30 UTC.

The scientific term for the phenomenon is perigee moon. Full moons vary in size because of the oval shape of the Moon's orbit. The Moon follows an elliptical path around Earth with one side - perigee - about 50 000 km closer than the other - apogee.

Video courtesy of Science @ NASA

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Barney Fergus 4 years ago

What would be the best time to see this in the western Caribbean? We will be on a cruise and hopefully with clear skies we should have a great view.

Teo Blašković (@Barney Fergus) 4 years ago

Hopefully after dinner and wine. Just head out and enjoy :)

Haley 4 years ago

What time will I be able to see it on Washington? Sorry if it's a dumb question I don't know what UTC means! Thanks!

Teo Blašković (@Haley) 4 years ago

hi there, UTC = universal coordinated time... just type UTC to 'your time zone' in google... there are plenty of services for that conversion

Danny 4 years ago

have i missed it? I am in china GMT+8. Im close to shanghai, will i be able to see it tonight?

DB 4 years ago

Where may I see tomorrow's super moon in Washington State? I'm based near Seattle, WA. Thanks. :)

Max 4 years ago

hey what time will the people from new york be able to see the supermoon? could please tell me saturday morning time and saturday evening time. thanks

Shell 4 years ago

What time is the Best time to view it in Germany?

Jenny 4 years ago

Hi what time will I be able to see this in Ireland on 12 July 2014. Thanks

Teo Blašković (@Jenny) 4 years ago

you are UTC +1 hour, so that would be 09:28 your time. if sky is clear you can see it building up to supermoon during the night.

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