Long lost ancient megalithic pyramid complex in Ecuador - government expedition

Long lost ancient megalithic pyramid complex in Ecuador - government expedition

Following our brief, but extremely successful, media campaign designed to bring maximum media attention in the shortest time possible onto the issue of the unexplored and uncategorized ruins re-discovered in the jungles of Ecuador we are happy to say it did everything we hoped it would.

We can now announce, with great pleasure, that the strategy brought this matter to the forefront of the attention of the relevant government agencies, the public of Ecuador and the wider international public also. Several major media organizations noticed our articles and we even found the story being shared on the RT News website among others.

After several conversations with our senior contact within the Ministry of Culture we received a direct invitation from the senior personnel of the Ministry of Patrimony to attend a meeting. I can confirm that it was agreed in this meeting that the ruins were of unique importance to the Ecuadorian people and required immediate attention. It appears that no record of this location existed in their database and as such they were extremely grateful for us taking the time to process a full report.

Kindly, as a thank you, the Ministry extended to me inclusion in the official expedition now being planned. This imminent visitation will be partly to assess the site and begin archeological investigation and partly to provide the much needed security for any remaining artifacts.

At this moment the exact date for the first official expedition has not been fixed but due to the reports of thefts from the site now circulating online, this trek will likely happen within the next fortnight at latest. I will be attached as an independent media representative, the only non-government and non-Ecuadorian person being allowed to travel with the group – a great honor for which I am truly grateful. I can say that the staff of the Ministry were very good with us and we found them a pleasure to deal with.

We are so happy to be in a position to report to you that everything will now progress as it should for such an important archeological discovery.

Above is scanned document of a direct account of two adventurers visiting the ruins right back in 1933, this puts an end to any argument over whom might be the discoverer in recent times and we now know the names to credit. More about this document here.

We will keep you informed of all and any progress.

Written by Bruce Fenton - www.Earth4All.net


Manuel Palacios 5 years ago

Very well. I applaud your attitude. It is good to recognize the sources. Do not miss this Sunday 9:45 PM by Gamatv special about the structure of Black River. We are not claiming discovering..We are trying to protect ecuadorian Cultural Heritage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6zoXYoHi9A&list=UU-e5JIjI8GCp1KDhXyA4FTQ

Bruce Fenton 5 years ago

I think we left it too long to address this matter, from one witness that went in May 2013 he said no artefacts were there. I guess everything was stolen in the 12 months before that. Sad news.

med tes (@Bruce Fenton) 5 years ago

one must ask himself: who is trying to hide from the beginning the truth of human origin?who and why human history is corrupted on purpose?why are we here?what are we exactly?biological intelligent entities or much more?what is the soul, scientifically speaking?are we immortal?are we linked to a whole consciousness?and who is trying to cut this link? these are very serious questions...answer these ,dr.fenton,and you will find the thief ...

med tes 5 years ago

well, well, well...these are good and bad news at the same time...good because we are progressing in understanding our origins...and bad because all the noise you made to attract attention has already brought you bad people...those who want that these artefacts remain buried or better end in one or two illuminati's closet that he shows to special people in very special parties....PROTECT HUMAN HISTORY AGAINST EVIL.

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