Geomagnetic storming levels back to normal

Geomagnetic storming levels back to normal

Geomagnetic storming reached the G2 (Moderate) level at high latitudes again early today. Bright auroras could be seen around Arctic Circle. It was sparked by one of two coronal mass ejections observed on September 2.  Solar radiation storm levels have returned to background levels earlier.

Geomagnetic field activity ranged from quiet to major storm levels with a brief period of severe storm levels (Kp=6) at high latitudes. Geomagnetic activity increased to major storm levels (G2) during early hours of September 5, following the shock, than decreased to minor storm levels. Levels are now back to quiet to unsettled levels, with active to minor storm levels detected at high latitudes.

Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be at quiet to unsettled levels  with a chance for active levels on September 6 due to possible weak coronal hole high-speed stream effects.

Region 1564 produced occasional C-class flares during last 24 hours but with no significant radio emission. Region 1564 showed gradual spot and penumbral decay during the period, but retained a beta-gamma configuration due to polarity mixing in the vicinity of its intermediate spots.

Region 1560 showed minor spot loss in its trailer portion during the period. It retained a delta within its intermediate spots, but the delta appeared to be dissipating. The remaining spotted region were unremarkable. No new regions were numbered. No Earth-directed CME activity occurred during the period.

More C-flares can be expected in the coming days, with a chance for an M-flare from this region. NOAA/SWPC estimates 25 % chances of M-class solar flares.

SOHO's LASCO C2 coronograph recorded an interesting image at 03:12 UTC. Take a look!

Featured image: Bright auroras seen from Ivuyivik, Nunavik, Quebec, Canada on September 5(Credit: Sylvain Serre)


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