Scientists say shockwaves from melting icecaps are triggering earthquakes

Scientists say shockwaves from melting icecaps are triggering earthquakes

High up inside the Arctic circle the melting of Greenland's ice sheet has accelerated so dramatically that it is triggering earthquakes.

Scientists monitoring the glaciers have revealed that movements of gigantic pieces of ice are creating shockwaves that register up to three on the Richter scale.

Estimates of the likely rise in sea levels this century vary, and the IPCC published a conservative range of between 20cm-60cm. But those estimates are now heavily disputed, with many scientists insisting that new data collected since the IPCC report suggested a rise closer to two metres. Professor Correll said there was now a "consensus" that a significant acceleration in the loss of ice mass has occurred since the last report.

Greenland's ice cap is immense, the second largest in the world, and its break-up would be catastrophic. The packed ice is up to two miles thick and its total collapse into the ocean would raise worldside sea levels by seven metres.



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alex 9 years ago

Scientists are able to say that pigs can fly if its fart strong enough... the reality about earthquakes is: they dont have a clue about how they work.. and they don't want even to explore new things like connections between earthquakes and solar activities or lunar and interplanetar positions. If they don't understand something = it doesn't exist. It is tough for them to recognise that they are kind of stupid ....

Matthew W (@alex) 9 years ago

"Pig Farts" !!! Funny !!

xdrfox 9 years ago

Video Removed by User ? Was it accurate ?

Teo Blašković (@xdrfox) 9 years ago

Video should be there, it's just new version with some additions.

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