Volcano / Earthquake watch for May 30 – Jun 5, 2012


Targeting an unnumbered Coronal Hole on the solar corona that is situated at (45-48°N latitude), this feature may be indicative of a swarm of 5 magnitude earthquakes or a possible 6.0 magnitude earthquake in one of these listed locations during this watch period:

Off The Coast Of Oregon, Kuril Islands, Puget Sound-Washington, East Kazakhstan or Romania. Time frame suggests: May 29-31.

A Huge Coronal Hole about to rotate onto the disk represents a potential 8.2 magnitude earthquake towards the end of this watch. Deep characteristics with symmetry to the earth indicate an area to (11-21°N) Latitude would be most at risk. Possible locations that may be in line for this earthquake are:

Guam, Mariana Islands, Luzon Philippines, Taiwan or the Andaman Islands. Time frame: Jun 3-5.


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  1. We believe that TheBarcaroller/SolarWatcher is a fraud. We have observed that he posts “predictions” and the “proof” of his prediction accuracy on a blog after the predicted earthquake has already occurred. See the blog “Log Entry #128 – Tue May 22 (10:34 AM UTC) ” for an example.

    He also posts “proof” in the form of earthquakes that were never predicted in his videos but he states on his blog and in follow-up video comments that they were predicted. See the *Confirmed Via USGS* entries in the blog for numerous examples.

    Our detailed review of the actual predictions (those made in advance of an actual event) shows that TheBarcaroller has never made a successful prediction of a significant earthquake before the actual event occurred.

      1. There is no cause and effect relationship between the position of the planets, coronal holes or other solar activity and specific earthquakes. In fact, earthquake activity is highest during solar minimums.

        Our SolarPrediciton is very simple; every 10,250 years the Sun’s magnetic field becomes quadripolar. This transformation coincides with significant geomagnetic excursions on Earth. These geomagnetic excursions coincide with the end of civilizations. The next quadripolar event will occur within months of the transit of Venus. The position of Venus is simply an ancient marker; there is no cause and effect relationship.

        Every major civilization, including the Mayans, Egyptians, Asian and American Indians, Hebrew and many more attempted to pass this information to our generation. Our civilization was too preoccupied with our nations, politic and religions to listen. It is far too late to rectify.

        As for TheBarcaroller, there is absolutely nothing noble about falsehoods. There is nothing noble about posting earthquake predictions after the earthquakes have already occurred and dating the predictions the day before the event. There is nothing noble in promoting a fraud that causes honest people who have every right to be concerned about the future of our planet to believe in a lie.

    1. Seems like you are overreacting to smth TheBarcaroller does. Would you care enough to post your detailed review of the actual predictions? And include some of your own since your website is called solarprediction?

      1. Review any or all of TheBarcarollers “Volcano & Earthquake Watch” videos. Try to find even one M7 or higher earthquake that was actually predicted in these videos that actually occurred when and where predicted.

        Nearly all of the “Volcano & Earthquake Watch” M5 and M6 predictions are simply predictions of aftershocks from other major events that are to be expected.

        We suggest you ignore the SolarWatcher blog and just write down the predictions in the “Volcano & Earthquake Watch” videos and then try to find a matching earthquake at the USGS or other respectable site.

        Once you have finished this exercise, we believe you will be able to refocus on the actual news that makes The Watchers a vital source of accurate information.

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