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Interview with The Barcaroller: Introduction to Earth-Sun relationship and effects on Earth’s seismic activity


Although official scientific community says that earthquakes can’t be predicted by the Sun – Earth relationship we have all seen by now that connections can be made. So, without further delay here’s an interview with The Barcaroller, independent researcher of earthquake phenomena and man behind videos that are becoming more and more popular, explaining how exactly the Sun and planets in our Solar system affect Earth’s seismic disturbances. The main aim of his research is to get this into a model where in the near future it will allow everyone to have an Earthquake Warning System in place where people can get this news like a weather report which will warn about an Earthquake Risk at a specific place, specific day and specific location so people can be better prepared and ready – which will consequently save many lives.

Tell us something about yourself and let’s get on to questions and answers…

I have always had a fascination of the earthquake phenomena for as long as I can remember. I began my research in 1999, working as an independent researcher. I began looking specifically at the cycles of the Moon. This was my Lunar modulation introduction and the effects of Moon/Earth relationship with regards to seismic activity. After three years I expanded my research into eclipse cycles of Sun and the Moon and then the research took me into planetary alignments a few years later. Then in 2007 moving into solar analysis combining all aspects (Lunar, celestial influences and the Sun) into a functional forecasting system that’s in operation today.

This line of research exposes one to a greater understanding of the universe and the amazing cycles with-in cycles that create the fabric of this reality we reside in.

Given the Sun’s observing data from SOHO, STEREO, SDO and PROBA we can forecast impact of CME on our magnetosphere, calculate the speed of solar wind, ionosphere disturbances and pressure on our magnetic shield – how can we use these parameters to estimate the time and place of seismic events? 

Coronal mass ejection’s relate to fueling an earthquake cycle but not the cause of earthquakes per say, The strong coronal mass ejection (CME) or Halo CME are usually associated with severe weather related phenomena here on earth (tropical cyclones, tornadoes, sub-tropical storms, extreme weather and a relationship with volcanic eruptions/ increase in magma movements here on Earth). Therefore the magma “push” from the deep earthquake fuels the earthquake cycle which then spreads across the globe. (Conceptually we can visualize that volcanoes are the arteries and magma is the blood of the Earth).

We usually have a window of 3-4 days where solar activities affect the Earth, high solar winds are incoming information’s or energy’s, once solar winds drop to levels before the increase then we know the full information/energy’s have been received by the Earth and we are close to an earthquake related event providing the rise in solar winds were caused by a coronal hole.

Knowing that it usually takes several days for Sun’s material to arrive on Earth, can we say that earthquakes can be predicted?

Earthquakes can be predicted by researching the Sun and related solar output, we know CME’s usually take 2-3 days to arrive on average if they are Earth directed, the speed will be determined by the strength of the related solar disturbance. It’s obvious from my research that everything the Sun does affects us here on the Earth in some way, even if the solar activity is not Earth directed. The Earth-Sun relationship is the entire area of space between Earth’s orbit to the Sun. Therefore sundiving/grazing comets, asteroids, the orbits of Venus and Mercury which move in between the Sun and Earth will all have a strong influence on the Sun which then directly affects the Earth. The Sun is the axis of time, so everything must involve the Sun’s harmonic in order for it to be manifested here in our 3D reality.

Magnetic field lines of the Sun are important also as they may influence the angle of the solar wind flow exiting the Coronal Hole. By looking at specific solar data, we can pick up on concentrations or blockages of incoming solar radiation/plasma interacting with our ionosphere/atmosphere. These are our best guide in observing associated phenomena linked to pre-earthquake signals or seismic precursor. In my models and research earthquakes directly relate to coronal holes on the solar corona, coronal holes send out high speed solar winds which seems to directly correlate to the Sun sending earthquake information to the earth.

What indicators do you use to find locations of tectonic plate disturbances and by what parameters do you find the locations? How do you predict the magnitude of an earthquake?

Using a mapping system from the Sun-Earth is important, often mapping the shape of the coronal hole can also be used to determine location or the possible earthquake or volcanic eruption. By monitoring the rate of change and movement of the coronal hole gives a latitude to work with. The deepness of the coronal hole and related observations will dictate the possible magnitude. Searching for locations is going through seismic data looking closely at the previous days looking for possible fore-shock signatures and cross checking active fault lines with related solar data and specific anomalies.

Do planetary alignments have a role in that? How do planets in our Solar system affect tectonic disturbances?

Planets affect the Sun, planetary alignments are an energy transfer between celestial body’s, it’s understood that all planets resonate a frequency and this celestial symphony gets disturbed in a way during planetary alignments which create a distortion in time-space where an energy transfer takes place. Scientifically this is understood as the Flux Transfer Event or Magnetic portal phenomena. So the cyclical nature of the planets are an important ingredient in what happens to the Sun and ultimately here on the Earth.

Could we say that some other galactic forces also affect Earth’s core and crust?

It’s important that when thinking of Galactic forces that we understand the effects are energetic in nature and higher dimensional, not measurable by gravity. Many sometimes use the moons gravitational influence on the Earth and then expect other celestial body’s to have that same effect, unfortunately it does not.

Now thinking outside the box, the earthquake has already happened here on Earth energetically but not physically, the Sun acts like a mirror and shows us slightly ahead in time what’s about to happen with the emergence of sunspots, coronal holes and coronal mass ejection’s ect …. So in simple terms the Earth makes an “order”, the Sun takes the “order” and transmutes it, and then sends the translated energy’s back to be manifested here on Earth. We use solar data to catch a glimpse of these higher dimensional energy transfer/exchange that are in progress and sometimes it may be perceived that we tap into the future by doing this.

We know that volcanoes are mostly located on tectonic plate borders and that we are in geologically active period.. given the fact the we are entering solar maximum, could we say that mega-earthquakes and mega-volcanoes are connected to increased solar activity?

Solar Maximum is a period of strong solar activity measured only in sunspot count, more Sun spots the greater potential of large flares and solar related disturbances. however the large earthquakes do not correlate with solar maximum periods so this mega-quake theory at solar max holds no water. Solar activity is the main driver of seismic activity here on Earth, the Sun can become active at any point in its cycle. this is why looking at planetary alignments are a good indicator of potential future solar activity and not just a theoretical influence as the sunspot number count is, which cannot guarantee anything but a nice curve on a chart.

What are the most sensitive locations on Earth that are directed to Sun’s influence?

Obviously “The Ring Of Fire” would be the most “sensitive” location as it’s the zone where the Earth receives solar information and energy’s, this area is also the Earth’s magnetic portal. We also have the South Atlantic Anomaly which is an area on the Earth where we have an increased flux of energetic particles, so this area has a high radiation component and where the Earth’s magnetic field is at its weakest.

How precise are the precursors?

We have various forms of data we can use as precursors, my research and results show how important these precursors are, in my opinion they are very precise in terms of time-lines and quite good in terms of locations, there is still more to learn but I am very excited where the research has gone so far.

The main aim is to get this into a model where in the near future it will allow everyone to have an Earthquake Warning System in place where people can get this news like a weather report which will warn about an Earthquake Risk at a specific place, specific day and specific location so people can be better prepared and ready which will save many lives.

For The Barcaroller videos and warnings visit his website www.solarwatcher.net.

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  1. I have reviewed the most recent 9 “predictions” that the barcaroller has made and none of them happened. He has a blog that attempts to show that some of them did. If you actually review the video, write down the prediction made in the video and then go look up if the earthquake actually occured, you will find it did not.

  2. Having actually reviewed the track record of the predictions and the psuedo-science arguments for the predictions, it appears to me that there is nothing here. I know that the “hits” are recorded on a blog, but if you factor out aftershocks (which anyone could have predicted), not much is left.

  3. I’m sorry but I still don’t get exactly what force from the solar wind it is interacting with the tectonic plates to cause quakes. I understand gravity from other bodies having an effect, but not the solar wind. Please can someone explain?

  4. Why?? I ask you would the Scientist not follow through with studies of this phenomena when it is a WELL documented Scientific fact that the Earth is tidally distorted planet. It is pulled in two directions over its total surface by both the Sun and the Moon. Not only do these local effects, but although it be a constant force, Centrifugal Force is also working on the shape of our Globe ever trying to flatten it into a disc shape.

    These are only local effects and also go along with whatever Gravitational forces are working on us from within and without the Solar system.. Why would they even harbor a doubt as to the partial causes of Earthquake being due to our position in Space and Time??
    Gravity is a known Universal week force and reaches far beyond our Solar System, joining with all other sources of Gravity to shape and Distort any and all bodies within the Universe. Scientists are now Theorizing about Gravity Waves and there possible effects..
    Have they forgotten Newtons First Law and Gravity “Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction”. Further to this They know what happens to Huge Active Bodies as they Collapse under their own weight, then would the same action have a similar if not lesser effect??

    Scientists are no longer Incorruptible, they will take facts and sort them into the order which their employers demand, if not then they are no longer employed. That is a rather effective way of controlling the Natural and Truthful Laws. They are now Spin Doctors along with Postillions.

    PS; One could write a Thesis on this Subject.

    1. I believe that if a major 9.0 ekuhtqraae + several aftershocks occur, it will be totally devastating to the West Coast, simply because most buildings are not up to the standards that they are in Japan (most damage from the events in Japan are from the tsunami, not the ekuhtqraae itself). I know in Seattle, where I live, after a 6.8 ekuhtqraae in 2001 we had some buildings walls fall and the highway next to downtown was damaged to the point they’re removing it now. I would expect to see significant damage in the major urban centers within a 200 mile radius of the ekuhtqraae, and moderate damage 400 miles from the epicenter. Major buildings (like those 20+ stories) could collapse and kill hundreds in a single go. And in cities like San Fransisco, the buildings are just too old to have been built to such standards.Highway 101, which runs along the coast, would be destroyed but I-5 would not be as well as the numerous highways going to the west coast. I think the US would have an easier time responding to a crisis like this because of one thing to our advantage: sheer size of this nation. Continental USA is bigger than the whole of Europe from Portugal to the Urals. The whole of the UK is about the size of Georgia. And we have one of the most productive food producing regions right next to the Mountain and Pacific zones, the great plains. That’s not to say it would not cause massive loss of life and rioting, looting, crime, etc. as people take advantage of the situation. That’s why I have a 3 day supply in a backpack I can just pick up and go if I need to. I’d need that long to bug out and get to someplace where I’d be safe.

  5. Somehow the things considered impossible are actually possible with his line of work. he makes things very easy to understand for all of us, no super science formulas and unproven theory’s in peoples faces. Its clear, concise and simple with amazing results. Thank you for all that you do !!


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