Comparing Sunspot 1339

Sunspot 1339 is indeed one of the largest Sunspot groups in years. Here is a size comparison of 1339 vs. a couple of the largest Sunspots from Cycle 23. Sunspot 9393 was responsible for the second largest Solar Flare in recorded history (X20) back in April 2001. Sunspot 486 is the record holder with an X28+ in November 2003. So far 1339 has managed only an X1.9 maximum flare. It is not so much about the size of a sunspot, but rather the magnetic structure. Smaller spots in the past have unleashed bigger flares. A good example of this is Sunspot 798 which produced an X17 back in September 2005. (SolarHam)

SWPC Solar Activity Forecast November 8 2011. 
Solar activity is expected to be moderate during the period (09 - 11 November) with a slight chance for high activity (M5 or greater) from Region 1339. There is also a slight chance for a proton flare from this region during the period.

By 11 November, the geomagnetic field is expected to be at quiet to unsettled levels, with isolated high latitude active periods, as glancing blow effects from the 07 November CME are felt.

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