Caribbean plate tension is increasing


The Caribbean plate tension is increasing and this area is now due for another major earthquake, an article published today by The Extinction Protocol said.

Troubling signs of the growing agitation for this plate are seen in the twin 5.8 and 5.0 quakes that struck the Honduras region on April 7, 2011. Now the seismic tension appears to be mounting—- simultaneous earthquake swarms are occurring in both Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

On April 9th, a 3.1 and a 3.5 earthquake erupted in the region of the Dominican Republic. In addition, the neighboring Cocos plate is reeling from the tension with a swarm of its own erupting in Baja California. Other unrelated planetary earthquake swarms are also occurring off the coast of Honshu Japan, in the state of Arkansas, in Central Alaska, and in the Ionian Sea near Greece.


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  1. My sense is the Gulf States of US will see a Mega Tsunami probably within a years time. Soon afterwards the East Coast of US will also face a Mega Tsunami. Years later the West Coast of US will see their remnants of a combination Earthquakes-Mega Tsunami. These are facts that will happen unfortunately I cannot make a prediction as to when! In Geological terms they will be soon. The increase intensity of plates-earthquakes around the globe will no doubt occur as Nature goes its natural course. What worries me is the preparation our government is undertaking yet few individuals are heeding the warnings! Millions are going to perish maybe that is the whole idea. Less people easier to control the rest. Look up Georgia Guidestones if you don’t believe this will happen. Wake up people…PRAY

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