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hurricane matthew noaa goes october 2016

Above-normal 2016 hurricane seasons

The Atlantic, eastern Pacific and central Pacific 2016 hurricane season have officially ended on November 30, and NOAA scientists said all three regions saw above-normal seasons. For the Atlantic, this was the first above-normal season since 2012 with 15 named...

December 01, 2016

hurricane otto central america november 24 2016 suomi npp

Record-breaking Hurricane "Otto" hits Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Hurricane "Otto" has made landfall as a Category 2 storm just before 18:00 UTC on November 24, 2016 near the town of San Juan de Nicaragua in southern Nicaragua, on the border with Costa Rica. A number of people are dead or missing in Costa Rica. Before it...

November 25, 2016

hurricane otto november 23 2016 suomi npp

Otto is now the strongest Atlantic hurricane this late in the season since 1934

Otto, now the strongest Atlantic hurricane this late in the season since 1934, is on its way to Nicaragua and Costa Rica with winds of 165 km/h (105 mph). Landfall is expected within the hurricane warning area during November 24, 2016. Heavy rainfall,...

November 24, 2016

hurricane otto november 22 2016 suomi npp

Hurricane "Otto" kills 4 in Panama, to hit Costa Rica and Nicaragua

Hurricane "Otto" formed on November 22, 2016 in the Caribbean Sea as the 7th hurricane of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, including record-breaking, early season Hurricane "Alex" of January 2016. Otto was nearly stationary system since it...

November 23, 2016

TD16 tropical storm otto november 21 2016 terra modis f

Late-season Tropical Storm "Otto" forms in the Caribbean Sea

A late-season tropical storm formed on November 21, 2016, and was named Otto. Otto formed from Tropical Depression 16 (System 90L), a tropical low pressure that had been lingering in the Caribbean Sea for days. Otto is currently a stationary system but is expected...

November 21, 2016

nicole full forecast track suomi npp satellite image october 17 2016 on google earth

Remnants of Hurricane "Nicole" to hit Greenland and Iceland

Nicole, now a post-tropical cyclone, is finally losing its tropical cyclone characteristics as it merges with a frontal system over the cold waters of the North Atlantic, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) reports. The swells from the system are still expected to...

October 18, 2016

hurricane nicole october 12 2016 goes

Hurricane "Nicole" set for Bermuda: Hazardous conditions and severe weather expected

Hurricane "Nicole", currently a Category 2 system, is heading toward Bermuda and is expected to pass over the island early October 13, 2016. The Bermuda Weather Service has placed a hurricane warning into effect, alerting the residents to expect hazardous...

October 12, 2016

hurricane matthew 18 30 utc october 7 2016 united states goes east satellite

Hurricane "Matthew" summary: data, images and videos - September/October 2016

Tropical wave Invest 97L, soon to become Hurricane "Matthew," was named on September 25, 2016, when it was located just southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. Matthew became the 13th named storm of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season on September 28. By...

October 10, 2016

hurricane matthew october 7 2016 00 45 f

Hurricane "Matthew" pounding Florida

Hurricane "Matthew" has left a trail of destruction in Haiti and Cuba, moved over the Bahamas while intensifying into a Category 4 storm and approached the east coast of Florida late on Thursday, October 6, 2016. By 06:00 UTC on October 7, Matthew weakened...

October 06, 2016

3hurricane matthew on october 4 2016 terra modis f

Matthew hits Cuba, passing directly over the Bahamas toward Florida

After making landfall near Les Anglais in western Haiti at 11:00 UTC on October 4, 2016, with maximum sustained winds of 230 km/h (145 mph) and gusts to 278 km/h (172 mph), Matthew slowed down, made a second landfall on the eastern tip of Cuba around 00:00 UTC...

October 05, 2016

matthew hits haiti 11 15 utc october 4 2016

Hurricane "Matthew" makes direct hit on Haiti causing over 1 000 deaths

Category 4 Hurricane "Matthew" has made landfall near Les Anglais in western Haiti at 11:00 UTC on October 4, 2016. As of early October 10, the number of people it killed as it crossed the island was over 1 000. At the time of the landfall, Matthew had...

October 04, 2016

hurricane matthew at 05 45 utc october 4 2016 ir track

Matthew bearing down on Haiti, claims first victims

The center of Category 4 Hurricane "Matthew" will pass directly over or very near southwestern Haiti around 12:00 UTC on October 4, 2016. Matthew has already claimed its first victims in Haiti, leaving at least two persons dead, authorities said Monday,...

October 04, 2016

hurricane matthew 08 45 utc october 3 2016 uw cimss IR NHC

Hurricane-force winds, extreme rainfall expected in Haiti and Cuba - Hurricane "Matthew"

Category 4 Hurricane "Mathew" is moving northward across the central Caribbean Sea toward Haiti, threatening the island with extreme rainfall and hurricane-force winds. Matthew is expected to pass just west or over the western tip of Haiti and hit...

October 03, 2016

hurricane matthew ft nhc ir image at 08 45 utc october 2 2016 uw cimss

Life-threatening Hurricane "Matthew" to hit Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas

​Category 4 Hurricane "Matthew" is expected to approach southwestern Haiti and Jamaica during the UTC afternoon of Monday, October 3, 2016. Matthew is bringing extremely heavy rain, very powerful winds and a combination of dangerous storm surge and high...

October 02, 2016

hurricane matthew goes vis september 30 2016 14 15z

Matthew becomes a major hurricane, turn toward Jamaica and Cuba expected

Matthew became a major, Category 3 hurricane at 15:00 UTC today while passing over the south-central Carribean Sea. A Tropical Storm Warning is currently in effect from the Colombia/Venezuela border to Riohacha. The path of the system remains uncertain, and the...

September 30, 2016

tropical storm matthew 28 september 2016

Tropical Storm "Matthew" to become a hurricane before reaching Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba

Tropical Storm "Matthew" formed over the Windward Islands on September 28, 2016, as the 13th named storm of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season. Matthew is expected to become a hurricane by Friday, September 30 and turn toward Jamaica, Haiti, and Cuba. ...

September 28, 2016

ts_julia_14sep2016_vis_uw cimss_f

Slow-moving Tropical Storm "Julia" forms along Florida's northeast coast

Tropical Storm "Julia" has formed along Florida's northeast coast around 03:00 UTC on September 14, 2016. Julia is a slow-moving storm expected to produce heavy rainfall over the southeastern US this week. At 06:00 UTC on September 14 (02:00 EDT), the...

September 14, 2016

hurricane_hermine_landfall_nasa_GOES East

Deadly Hurricane "Hermine" makes landfall in the Big Bend area, Florida

At least one person has been killed after a Category 1 Hurricane "Hermine" made landfall near Saint Marks in Florida's Big Bend area early Friday, September 2, 2016. Hermine has caused severe coastal damage and is now a tropical storm making its way...

September 02, 2016

ts_hermine_13 45_utc_1sep2016_uw cimss_f

Hermine became a hurricane before Florida landfall, life-threatening surge, tornadoes and flooding expected

Tropical Storm "Hermine" officially became a hurricane at 18:00 UTC on September 1, 2016, just hours before Florida landfall. This will be Florida's first hurricane landfall in almost 11 years. Life-threatening surge, tornadoes, and flooding rains are...

September 01, 2016

Tropical_Storm_Hermine_and_Hurricne_Gaston_16 45z_31aug2016_uw cimss_f

Florida declares state of emergency, prepares for Tropical Storm "Hermine" landfall

On Wednesday, August 31, 2016, some 24 hours before Tropical Storm "Hermine" makes landfall, Florida Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency for 42 counties, covering all of Central Florida, except for Osceola County. Current models show...

August 31, 2016


The peak of northern hemisphere's 2016 tropical cyclone season

As of August 30, 2016, there are six active tropical cyclones across the Atlantic and Pacific ocean. In the Pacific, they are Hurricane "Madeline," Hurricane "Lester," and Tropical Storm "Lionrock." In the Atlantic, they are tropical...

August 30, 2016

td_1_ _26aug2016_uw cimss_f

Heavy rains, flash floods and mudslides likely over Hispaniola today, Cuba over the weekend

A weak area of low pressure extending from eastern Cuba northward to the central Bahamas is producing disorganized shower and thunderstorm activity today, NHC reports. Upper-level winds are expected to remain unfavorable for significant development during the next...

August 26, 2016


Tropical Storm "Earl" causes flooding and traffic disruptions in Belize, flash floods and mudslides expected in Mexico

After making landfall over Belize, Tropical Storm "Earl" continues to move inland, lashing southern Mexico with heavy rainfall. Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for parts of Mexico, as intense winds and heavy rainfall may induce life-threatening...

August 05, 2016

hurricane_earl_belize_landfall_3 4aug2016_f

Earl becomes a hurricane hours before Belize landfall

Tropical Storm "Earl" formed on August 2 near Jamaica and strengthened into a hurricane by 21:00 UTC on August 3. Earl will make landfall over Belize within a couple of hours, and start weakening as it moves toward Mexico. Earl is bringing strong winds and...

August 03, 2016

earl_2aug2016_goes east_noaa_f

Earl forms near Jamaica as 5th tropical cyclone of the season, moving toward Belize

Tropical Storm "Earl" formed on August 2 in the Caribbean Sea, near Jamaica, as the fifth named tropical cyclone of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season. Earl is the fifth named storm to form in the western Caribbean (10-20°N, 90-75°W) during August...

August 02, 2016

ts_colin_07 45_utc_7jun2016_f

Tropical Storm "Colin" makes Florida landfall, the first since 2013

A quick moving Tropical Storm "Colin" has made landfall in Florida, US during the early UTC hours of June 7, 2016. The storm brought strong winds and heavy rain over Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida, knocking out power and causing localized flooding....

June 07, 2016


Hurricane "Alex" becomes the strongest January hurricane in Atlantic since records began in 1851

Subtropical Storm "Alex" formed in the far eastern Atlantic Ocean at 21:00 UTC on January 13, 2016, and intensified into a hurricane at 15:00 UTC on January 14. The occurrence of the system during this time of the year is very unusual, as only four known...

January 14, 2016