Surface deformation near Fagradalsfjall volcano resembles pre-eruption state, Iceland

Latest InSAR images near the Fagradalsfjall eruption site in Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland show clear signs of deformation over the period from December 20 to 26, 2021. The deformation seen now is very similar to the deformation observed at the end of February 2021 when a dike intrusion was starting near Fagradalsfjall.

The earthquake swarm that started on December 21 near Fagradalsfjall has continued over the Christmas holidays, the Icelandic Met Office (IMO) reports.1

Around 3 000 earthquakes have been detected every day since the swarm started, with most of the activity near Fagradalsfjall volcano but earthquakes have also been detected near the town of Grindavík and lake Kleifarvatn.

The earthquakes near Grindavík and Kleifarvatn are interpreted as triggered earthquakes due to increased pressure caused by a dike intrusion near Fagradalsfjall.

On Christmas Eve, December 24, three earthquakes above M4 were detected near Grindavík, with the largest one M4.8. The activity is episodic with periods of very intense earthquake activity.

There are currently no signs of magmatic intrusions in other places.

The swarm started just one day after the eruption that began in this area on March 19, 2021, was declared officially over. It was the longest eruption in Iceland in more than 50 years.2

Latest InSAR images show clear signs of deformation over the period from December 20 to 26.

The deformation seen now is very similar to deformation observed at the end of February this year when a dike intrusion was starting near Fagradalsfjall.

This InSAR data supports data from GPS measurements showing deformation in the same area.

Image credit: IMO, Copernicus EU/Michelle Parks


1 Update on the earthquake swarm in Geldingadalir - IMO

2 Intense earthquake swarm near Fagradalsfjall, Iceland - The Watchers

Featured image credit: IMO, Copernicus EU. Processed by Michelle Parks


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Eva 24 days ago

thank you

Adam C. Bernau 25 days ago

The Solar eruption with energy flux 10^-5 J/m2second in spectrum 200-600 nm, as a middle eruption, can lift and dip the Earth Surface something about 1,5-3 metres insist upon on material. X eruption with 0,1 J/m2second may inflict more damages by 8-10 metres surface "waving". Special example is eclipse and solar storm by eclipse, with big intensity can make the earthquake about 8-10 Magnitudo, when 10 magnitudo is an "ideal storm" never reached in past, but can be reachable in future with connection of brown dwarf. All 13 supervolcanos are in red alert for 25 years, another 250 can explode by overpoling, 500 volcanos by combination of overpoling and brown dwarf, 1500 volcanos (including "longsleeping") in combination of brown dwarf, overpoling and Solar Storm class X. The Solar eclipse nearby Northpole started yet the massive overpoling acceleration from 100km/year to 500 km/year, brown dwarf may triple to 1500 km/year. Trajectory of plasma cutting knife will be my sweet secret. Are you prepared for Siberian methane Superbomb explosion, 1000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Joules unwinded in a few days from melted rests of Permafrost. Energy for mankind around 1000 years of recent comsumption. Some people think and say they defeated the GOD! And the GOD answers...

Jamal Shrair 26 days ago

Fagradalsfjall volcano is similar to Cumbre Vieja and earthquakes swarm will hit Cumbre Vieja and it will erupt again, most likely more violently than previous eruptions. Both volcanoes are hot spot volcanoes and hot spot volcanoes will explode in 2022 for sure

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