Very large hail leaves a trail of destruction across parts of Kansas

Very large hail leaves a trail of destruction across parts of Kansas

Several severe thunderstorms rolled through Colorado and Kansas Thursday afternoon, August 10, 2017. The storms produced strong winds and very large hail, leaving a trail of damage. The worst affected were Kansas' WaKeeney and Trego counties.

Hail as large as grapefruit was reported in Trego County while baseball- and softball-sized stones hit WaKeeney. 90% of the vehicles in a parking lot in WaKeeney were damaged by the hail, and nearby homes had window and siding damage, NWS reported.

"It was kind of armageddon out there for a while," state trooper Tod Hileman said from north-central Kansas. Vehicles and houses had windows knocked out by large hail, thick fog dropped visibility to zero for a while and numerous crashes were reported on hail-covered roads, he said, as reported by The Wichita Eagle.

What appeared to be a tornado, south of I-70, downed trees and power lines across several county roads, leaving entire WaKeeney without electricity, Hileman said.

Trego County Emergency Management Director Kathleen Fabrizius said softball-sized hail hit the county and lasted for about 10 minutes. The storm overturned vehicles, downed power lines and caused accidents across the county, she said, adding that windows at the courthouse, a nursing home and the WaKeeney Family Care Center were blown out. The hospital was closed and patients were routed to the emergency room during the storm. 

Video courtesy SVLMedia LLC

Along with large hail, the storms brought wind gusts in excess of 112 km/h (70 mph).

Featured image: Hail damage in WaKeeney, Kansas on August 10, 2017. Credit: SVLMedia LLC


prent 2 years ago

John Amy is obviously one of those in the "scientific community" that don't lie. This statement of his is so factually wrong it is laughable, and most folks coming to this site know it.

john amy 2 years ago

Well, Lisa what about global warming? I am guessing you think all this weather conyradicts the idea of global warming. But the fact is that global warming promotes this kind of weather, and also very heavy snow in some areas. The thing is that with more heat more water evaporates into the air, which results in more water in clouds to come back down. Basically more heat is going to continue to produce more violent weather of many kinds.
You may have heard that global warming stopped a number of years ago. This is a lie told by people who in fact know it is a lie. There has been warming every year in the last twenty years.

Believe what the scientific comunity says. They do not lie.


Randall 2 years ago

Arctic news com will show you how you all better get used to this and expect it to get a lot worse. You young are not going to have a long future.

Lisa Montez 2 years ago

But wait ... what about global warming?

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