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Category 2 Hurricane "Vance" targets western Mexico

Hurricane Vance is now located south of Isla Socorro in the Pacific Ocean and is moving northward toward western Mexico. In its report issued at 21:00 UTC on November 3, 2014, NHC reported maximum sustained winds of 175 km/h (110 mph) with gusts up to 215 km/h (135

November 04, 2014


"Vance" to become hurricane as it moves toward western Mexico

Tropical Depression 21E in the eastern Pacific Ocean strengthened overnight on October 30 and by morning October 31 it developed into Tropical Storm "Vance". The system is slowly organizing as it moves west-northwestward. Further strengthening is expected as

November 02, 2014


Tropical Storm "Polo" on the track to become next hurricane in Eastern Pacific

Newborn depression in Eastern Pacific developed into Tropical Storm "Polo" off Mexico's southwestern coast on September 16, 2014.Tropical Storm Watch was issued for the southwestern coast of Mexico for areas from Zihuatanejo to Cabo Corrientes, Mexico. A

September 17, 2014


Tropical Storm "Odile" strengthening off the Pacific coast of Mexico

The fifteenth tropical disturbance developed on September 10, 2014 in Eastern Pacific Ocean and shortly afterward, it strengthened into a tropical storm and was renamed Odile. Satellite imagery show that Odile has a large area of heavy thunderstorms that are slowly

September 11, 2014


Hurricane "Norbert" hits Mexico, forces evacuations

Tropical Storm "Norbert" was formed on September 2 about 180 miles (285 km) southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico's Pacific coast. Around 03:00 UTC on Friday, September 5, Norbert was Category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained

September 06, 2014


A triple tropical tempest train: Tropical Storm/Hurricane "Karina", tropical storms "Lowell" and "Marie"

There are currently three tropical storms in the Eastern Pacific Ocean - Tropical Storm/Hurricane "Karina", Tropical Storm "Lowell" and newly formed Tropical Storm "Marie". Both Karina and Lowell will gradually weaken over the nex

August 22, 2014


Tropical Storm "Genevieve" forms, dies, resurrects and intensifies to Super-Typhoon

Tropical Storm "Genevieve" was born on Friday, July 25 at 09:00 UTC in Eastern Pacific Ocean. At the time it had maximum sustained winds near 40 mph (65 km/h) and was located about 1 490 miles (2 400 km) east-southeast of South Point,

August 09, 2014


Five tropical systems developing in the Central and Eastern Pacific

A train of developing tropical low pressure areas currently stretches from the Eastern Pacific Ocean into the Central Pacific. Five tropical lows include the remnants of "zombie" Tropical Storm "Genevieve" and newly developed Tropical Storm "Ise

August 01, 2014


Douglas and Elida - Two tropical storms developed in the Eastern Pacific

Two tropical low pressure areas chasing each other in the Eastern Pacific over the last several days have now developed into tropical storms. By June 30, 2014, Tropical Storm Douglas and Tropical Storm Elida became more organized but no major development is

June 30, 2014

td_two e_june_2_2014_terra_modis_eastern_pacific_f

Tropical storm alerts issued for the Pacific Coast of Mexico

A second tropical depression of 2014 Eastern Pacific hurricane season "Two-E" formed on Monday, June 2, about 360 km (225 miles) south of the Mexican Pacific coast. Tropical Depression Two-E is slowly moving towards the north-northwest, and is f

June 03, 2014


Hurricane "Amanda" becomes strongest Eastern Pacific May hurricane on record

A week after the official start of 2014 Eastern Pacific hurricane season its first tropical depression was born southwest of Mexico. By May 23rd the system organized and strengthened into the first tropical storm of the season and was named "Amanda". 

May 26, 2014


"Amanda" forms as first tropical storm of 2014 Eastern Pacific hurricane season

2014 Eastern Pacific hurricane season officially started on May 15, 2014. A week later, its first tropical depression was born southwest of Mexico. On May 23rd the system organized and strengthened into the first tropical storm of the season and was named

May 23, 2014


Year's first tropical low headed for southwestern Mexico

A tropical low pressure area formed in the Eastern Pacific Ocean today, about 8 days before the official Eastern Pacific hurricane season begins. Formation of a significant tropical cyclone is possible within the next 12 to 24 hours.Dynamic models show a general northea

May 07, 2014


Category 3 Hurricane Raymond impacts western Mexico

Low pressure System 96E developed quickly over the weekend of October 19 and 20 and by October 21 had grown into Hurricane Raymond. ​Hurricane Raymond, now a major Category 3 storm, continues to intensify in Eastern Pacific waters, just off the southwest

October 22, 2013


Two new tropical cyclones developing in Eastern Pacific

While Tropical Storm Flossie moved into Central Pacific waters and crossed Hawaii bringing power outages and widespread flooding, new tropical disturbances are taking place in Eastern Pacific. Sufficiently warm waters, weak shear and a moist atmosphere

July 31, 2013


A new tropical cyclone forms south of Mexico

While Tropical Storm Dalila continues to weaken, a new tropical depression is getting better organized south of Mexico. The next tropical storm in the eastern Pacific will acquire the name "Erick." Satellite and microwave data indicate that the area

July 04, 2013


Dalila weakens into tropical storm again

Dalila reached hurricane status on July 2, 2013 but quickly weakened into tropical storm again. Although the storm is well off the southwest coast of Mexico and moving away from land it will continue to produce large surf and swells along portions of the central

July 04, 2013


Dalila strengthened to hurricane, moving away from southern Mexico coast

Tropical Storm Dalila strengthened to hurricane status on July 2, 2013. Dalila became the third hurricane of the 2013 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season. The system should begin weakening in a day or so as it interacts with drier air and the developing

July 02, 2013


Tropical Storm Dalila close to southern Mexican coast

System 96E in Eastern Pacific became a tropical depression late on June 29, 2013 and quickly grew into Tropical Storm Dalila early on June 30, 2013.  GOES Infrared satellite image and MIMIC Total precipitable water on June 30, 2013 (Credit:

June 30, 2013

20130625 Cosme

Cosme became hurricane and weakened into tropical storm again

Cosme is the second hurricane of the 2013 Eastern Pacific season. During late May, Barbara became a hurricane just prior to making landfall near Puerto Arista, Mexico in the Gulf of Tehuantepec. On June 26, 2013, Hurricane Cosme was battering Clarion Island,

June 26, 2013


Tropical Storm Alvin dissipated, new low pressure system is forming

Alvin had strengthened to a Tropical Storm on May 15, 2013 and now has weakened and is considered a Post-Tropical Cyclone. With the excessive wind shear and cooler water, the storm has dissipated into just a weak low pressure. According to Tropical Weather

May 18, 2013


Hurricane season starts today in Eastern Pacific

May 15th marks the official start of the 2011 hurricane season in the Eastern Pacific, a season which is expected to exceed the amount of named tropical systems from last year by twofold. meteorologists are predicting an average number of tropical

May 15, 2011