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Surge of Arctic air brings record cold temperatures and widespread snow, USA


A deep upper-level low over central Canada is bringing the coldest air mass thus far this season down from western Canada into the northern Rockies and into the northern Plains, U.S.

This surge of arctic air is poised to bring heavy snow for the Rockies together with widespread record cold temperatures into much of the interior western U.S., even into the central and southern Plains during the next few days.

Temperatures in Peter Sinks, Utah (elevation 2 400 m / 8 000 feet a.s.l.) dropped to -37.1 °C (-34.7 °F) on October 28, 2019, setting a new national cold record for the month of October. This area is known for its cold winters, with the lowest temperature on record -56 °C (-69 °F) registered on February 1, 1985.

Widespread snow developed across Northeast and north-central Colorado Tuesday morning, October 29, delaying more than 250 flights and canceling 350 at Denver International Airport.

"Due to very cold temperatures, roads will become icy and snow-packed, with hazardous travel conditions, later this morning through tonight. Expect a difficult evening commute along the I-25 and I-70 Corridors and again Wednesday morning," NWS meteorologists warned.

Steadier light snow will continue overnight as well with some moderate snow this evening. Total accumulations will range from 20 – 40 cm (8 to 16 inches) in the mountains and foothills with 15 – 30 cm (6 to 12 inches) over portions of the adjacent plains. Mountain valleys will see 10 – 20 cm (4 to 8 inches).

"The cold air is being funneled southward from Canada into the western and central United States by a southward plunge of the jet stream," TWC meteorologists said. "That dip in the jet stream will slowly migrate eastward late in the week, taking the colder air with it. Not only will it be cold, but accumulating snow is expected from the Rockies to the Plains and upper Midwest."

Temperatures are forecast to be 14 – 25 °C (25 to 45 °F) below average, with actual readings dipping below zero at the coldest locations over the northern and central Rockies. 

The winds will also pick up as the heavy snowfalls, and they could be enhanced by local terrain as an expansive high pressure system builds in from the north. Blowing snow along with wind chills as low as -31.6 °C (-25 °F) below zero could be experienced in these areas. By Wednesday evening, much of the snow should be exiting the central Rockies and moving into the central Plains.

The snow should then reach the upper Midwest Wednesday night where up to 15 cm (6 inches) could accumulate by Thursday morning, October 31. This is in response to the development of a low pressure system over the southern Plains as it moves rapid toward the Mid-Mississippi Valley Wednesday evening and into the Appalachians Wednesday night.

Featured image credit: GFS, TropicalTidbits


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  2. I should have had a bank account due to your tiny swiftstones… Better humidity but windy all over 10 m/s just about every day. Bad fishing and outdoors. Even the hot period. Where I am? Scandinavia, Nordic countries, Sweden, up-north Europe. Near the polar circle… I hope for the best now, even from far cling-clong clocks onbord.

  3. Much of Europe is also going to get hit with early below average temps. Just wait though. Imo, winter will deepen at the turn of the year just like it did last year. I live in Northern California. This time last year was starting to look like a drier winter after some early rains in Sept/Oct. Then in January 2019 the skies opened up and it rained into May. So far the same, early rains in September, a few light rains in October, and then mainly dry for the last 3 weeks as well as for the current 10 day forecast.

    This winter I think that the cold side of winter will really show its face at the turn of the year. This coming spring will be another bad spring for farmers in many regions. The current Spaceweather page shows that there were no sunspots for 75% of this year so far making this one of the deepest minima in some time. So far 226 days with no spots. If the 75% rate holds, then the total spotless days will hit 271 days, or 3 days more than the deep/long minimum of 2008/09.

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