Noctilucent clouds blanket Antarctica

Noctilucent clouds blanket Antarctica

NASA's AIM spacecraft is monitoring a 4 800-km wide (3000 miles) ring of noctilucent clouds circling high above Antarctica.

The 2018 southern hemisphere noctilucent season began on November 21, said Cora Randall, a member of the AIM science team at the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics.

"At first, the clouds covered only a small fraction of Antarctica, but now almost all of the continent is blanketed by NLCs," she said.

This four-week time-lapse video shows their development since late November:

"If you think strange clouds in the atmosphere over remote Antarctica are of little practical interest, think again," Dr. Tony Phillips of the said.

"Researchers have discovered unexpected teleconnections between noctilucent clouds and weather patterns thousands of miles away. Would you believe that winter air temperatures in Indianapolis, Indiana, are correlated with NLCs over Antarctica? It's true. Understanding how these long-distance connections work could improve climate models mand weather forecasting."

Featured image: Noctilucent clouds over Antarctica on November 30, 2018. Credit: NASA/AIM, SpaceWeather


Melo Gardener 1 year ago

Noctilucent??? lol lol lol... They better tell another lie before that one cools off....Man they expect us all to believe their junk and lies... like this is global warming and not their incessant spraying chemicals and drugging/ disease dumping the skies and the earth with their filth to fill up their vile agenda 2-/30/50 .... Duh...I don't think the firenados their Haarp or blue beams blasting to any country they want to send warnings to or are they just having fun pushing buttons and seeing what they can blow up ??? Yah! We are fed up of these leftist dumbs and their filthy propagandist media and dumbs science world. No one believes their lies anymore...they have passed the line long ago!

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