Astrophysicists inching closer to the physics truth about black holes


I have been arguing for years that the so-called black holes are nothing more than extremely powerful magnetic field regions formed in dense space plasma. These regions are similar to sunspots and coronal holes. However, in extremely dense plasma – specifically at the center of a galaxy – only a single hole is formed. More importantly, gravitational force has no role whatsoever in this phenomenon; it is a phenomenon of magnetism. The enormous attractive force of these regions is purely magnetic in nature. In other words, matter falls into and is ejected from these regions due to magnetic interactions.

The current theory of Black Holes is a very complicated pseudo physics myth. It is based partially on a mathematical fallacy, initiated by David Hilbert in his field equations and partially from the misunderstanding of gravity. In addition, the probability theory of quantum mechanics has made the myth more complicated.

I have stated many times in my previous writings that new generations of high speed and high resolution space instruments will confirm what I have been saying these past few years about Black Holes.

Even with current technology researchers are inching closer to the truth about this Space Plasma Phenomena. On April 26, 2015, researchers at the University of Göttingen announced that they have detected for the first time the existence of very strong magnetic fields, immediately next to a super-massive Black Hole. 

The researchers studied the Black Hole of an active galaxy (Quasar) named PG0043+039. They used various space instruments for imaging and analysis, as well as land based telescopes. In addition to the Hubble Space Telescope, the giant optical telescopes in Texas and South Africa, they also used the largest X-Ray satellite of the European Space Agency; ESA, XMM-Newton.

Quasars have a very high luminosity and it is difficult to capture this X-Ray range. For this reason scientists from the University of Göttingen used a variety of techniques and instruments in order to properly observe the Quasar PG0043+039 in the ultraviolet range.

The analysis of the images revealed cyclotron lines which can only be produced by electrons traveling on helical trajectories, around very strong magnetic fields.

Wolfram Kollatschny from University of Göttingen stated that “Through our observations we were able to establish for the first time the existence, in the immediate vicinity of the central Black Hole of Quasar PG0043+039, of magnetic fields of 200 million Gauss”.

In my understanding the existence of Quasars is, in itself, sufficient evidence to refute the Black Hole myth. The reason why Quasars have very high luminosity is because they possess extremely intense magnetic fields at their centers. The super acceleration observed at their cores, which cannot be explained with current physics, causes matter to fall into and be ejected from it with the highest levels of magnetic radiation. This is also what produces the very high luminosity that can be observed from an amazing distance.

The University of Göttingen announced that they had detected a mega-magnetic field extremely close to the event horizon of a Super-massive Black Hole, only a month after researchers from Chalmers University of Technology and the Onsala Space Observatory declared the same.

Chalmers University used the Atacama Large millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) to detect an extremely powerful magnetic field, higher than anything previously observed in the core of a galaxy. The results of the research were published in the Science on the April 17, 2015.

The research team observed the polarization of light to determine the strength of the magnetic field. In a distant galaxy named PKS1830-211, the observed field was thought to be too close to the event horizon of a super-massive Black Hole. The magnetic field is located precisely where matter is suddenly boosted away from the center of the Black Hole in the form of a jet.

According to Sebastien Muller, who co-authored the paper, "We have found clear signals of polarization rotation that are hundreds of times higher than the highest ever found in the Universe. Our discovery is a giant leap in terms of observing frequency, thanks to the use of ALMA, and in terms of distance to the black hole where the magnetic field has been probed — of the order of only a few light-days from the event horizon. These results, and future studies, will help us understand what is really going on in the immediate vicinity of super-massive Black Holes.”

Now see what the first author of the paper, Martí-Vidal, has to say about the discovery:

“Polarization is an important property of light and is much used in daily life, for example in sun glasses or 3D glasses at the cinema. When produced naturally, polarization can be used to measure magnetic fields, since light changes its polarization when it travels through a magnetized medium. In this case, the light that we detected with ALMA had been traveling through material very close to the black hole, a place full of highly magnetized plasma.”

"Traveling through material very close to the black hole, a place full of highly magnetized plasma” – this is a direct acknowledgment that the surroundings of so-called Black Holes is highly magnetized plasma. One does not have to be an astrophysicist to understand that the only supreme force in highly magnetized plasma is “magnetic force”! Gravity has no role whatsoever; even in plasma density on the scale of our star.

The analysis of the observed data from both research groups shows overwhelming evidence that these so-called Black Holes – which are not black, just less bright than their surroundings – are merely the strongest magnetic field regions in the galaxies. The density of matter at the center of every galaxy is the highest and that also means the strength of its magnetic field is the strongest.Galaxies do not have mystical entities at their centers which absorb everything that gets too close.

In spite of the observed evidence that clearly proves Black Holes to be a myth, researchers refuse to discard them. We are left wondering about the purpose and benefits of expensive research and advanced scientific equipment, if the acquired results are then shoehorned into a theoretical assumption which is not even based on a valid mathematical concept.

Written by Jamal Shrair (Helical Universe)


Featured image: This artist’s impression shows the surroundings of a supermassive black hole, typical of that found at the heart of many galaxies. The black hole itself is surrounded by a brilliant accretion disc of very hot, infalling material and, further out, a dusty torus. There are also often high-speed jets of material ejected at the black hole’s poles that can extend huge distances into space. Observations with ALMA have detected a very strong magnetic field close to the black hole at the base of the jets and this is probably involved in jet production and collimation.Credit: ESO/L. Calçada

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  1. While not claiming to understand the whole spectrum of ‎you arguments, my grasp of your reasoning falls into two ‎sections. One deals with differentiating the gravity as the ‎causal reason for discontinuity of data continuum, i.e. ‎acting as a mathematical singularity point within a space, ‎and the other maintains that cohesive conscientious ‎resulting from a self aware and inclusive-integrated view ‎of existence including physical one is required for explain ‎that. These are both interesting and somehow confusing.‎
    The tenet that the gravity, has no “memory” while ‎information retention and recall rests on the ‎electromagnetic domain drives a colossal wedge between ‎matter and energy requiring the annulment of the ‎understanding of general relativity part of physics as it ‎describes the matter.‎
    However, perhaps, a more encompassing notion of truth ‎would be the precept inaccurately called “Unifying Theory ‎of Everything” trying to bring together all physical forces ‎shaping nature. ‎
    Take as an example, the experiments demonstrating the ‎instantaneous reversal of spin direction of a member of an ‎electron pair, adjusting it to the other electron’s change of ‎condition no matter how far apart they may be from each ‎other. This it will do to safeguard the basics of physics as ‎we know it now including preservation of momentum and ‎energy. Th e mutual interaction is only possible if the ‎electron pair remain “aware” of each other’s corpus ‎existence that includes their instantaneous momentum. ‎
    The faster than light speeds entailed when such ‎instantaneous alterations of state occurs is a primary ‎rational behind search for such unifying force capable of ‎explaining some of ambiguities and plain contradictions ‎found in the existing wisdom. In this case postulating a ‎more than four dimensional existence as is required in all ‎proposed hypotheses of such unifying theory, could ‎surmount the problem.‎
    The second argument combing philosophical tenets with ‎the concept of electromagnetic radiation is a very ‎interesting concept that is the stuff of modern physics ‎ultimate attempt at defining new reality, but, there are ‎problems with understanding such arguments. For one, ‎the assumption put forward needs defining existence as a ‎thought, not in the sense of ephemeral event rising from ‎transaction of biochemical pulses within neurons, rather, ‎an omnipresent, pervasive, ubiquitous functional data ‎processing self perpetuating, self defining, self revealing, ‎self sustaining construct.‎
    A very sofistic notion akin to holistic view of the reality ‎emanating from combining mysticism and quantum ‎physics. ‎

  2. I sense a correspondence with the segregative identity and the paradigm of gravitic material separateness. Whereas the ‘Electric Universe’ restores an integrative identity of informational energy exchange within a Unified Event.
    Mechanically speaking, the segregative identity operates a ‘forgetting’ device within ‘Light’ as a ‘darkness’ within which to operate exclusive local perspective – which is the idea of consciousness as power.
    Whilst I am expressing from an intuitive sense here, the idea of power to discern, define, discover and reflect is the idea of consciousness which IS the reflection and extension of focussing awareness through Idea.
    The sense of separate consciousness is a construct, no less within Consciousness, in which All That Is , is experienced ‘as if’ apart from and outside of Self Awareness.
    However, such experience is transformed and transcended in a reintegrative appreciation of ‘as is’. Truth does not require complex thinking to maintain ideational constructs of identity, because the instant of existence is already a perfect demonstration of All That Is.
    Thinking is thus released from defence and reaction to serve the signature joy of being – which is our unique ‘creational unfoldment’ of reflection and extension of The ‘Universe Knowing Itself’ as the totality of richly interacting facets. Including the capacity to perceive and believe ourself separate and self-determining within an experiential model of NOT-self. And give an exclusive priority to interpretation that can be coerced or co-opted into providing continuity for such model.

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