Huge earth crack opened up in Sonora, Mexico

Huge earth crack opened up in Sonora, Mexico

A one-kilometer long earth crack opened up on August 15, 2014, in Sonora, Mexico. The crack severed Highway 26 between the city of Hermosillo and the coast. At some points it is 5 meters wide and 8 meters deep.

According to El Imparcial newspaper, it is still unknown what caused the crack but Municipal Civil Protection believes that it was triggered by an underground water stream. Some speculate that an earthquake at the San Andreas Fault last Sunday may have been the cause.

Geological investigations are underway. Another crack was reported to have opened near Highway 4 in the same area.

The following footage was recorded by aerial drone. If you'd like to see close-up images visit El Imparcial photo gallery.

Aerial drone footage. Credit: Hermosillo Desde El Cielo

Featured image: Hermosillo Desde El Cielo Source: YouTube


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Ciara 4 years ago

This is real. Giant cracks such as this one have opened up all over the world.
Japan, Australia, Michigan, Wyoming and so on

Thewholetruthandnothingbuthetruth 6 years ago

I tend to agree with sherman on this one because I too observed the things he stated and it prompted me to do a google earth search on the location. Low and behold I found from google map views that this area is a town with home sites littered through-out AND right smack in the middle of this desert scene depicted; in real time, there is a highway - paved road - mapped out for many years, the video shows dirt road and empty land views. Not consistent with real time maps, so what this really is is anyone's guess, and why a fake video of this would even be used makes no sense because earth cracks etc. are littering the globe often these days so why put up a fake one when there are so many real ones to post??

Alex Mason 7 years ago

Your dumb it was on one of the news channels it wasn't fak it had the same video as this as well look further into this before saying the crack is fake.

Sherman 7 years ago

This is video is a fake. I've worked in the 3D animation/illustration business for the last ten years, and can spot a fake when I see one. It's probably a video capture from a game. There are many indicators. The first being the camera moves. This is not a drone, but a video game based camera move. Second, are the bushes. Most are flat, baked into the ground texture. There are some upright bush-geometry, but watch how there's no parallax on the brush as the camera flies over the crack. The most telling objects are the people. Watch in HD, full screen and watch how the people move. Real people don't use walk-cycles. Real people might slow down when stepping across the crack, or even dip down - not these folks, however. They're all animated. They move in straight lines, way too fast, use short walk-cycles and suddenly change direction to go in other perfectly straight line. The Huffington Post also picked this up as "news." It's not; the video is fake. There may or may not be a huge crack in the ground in Sonora, Mexico, but this video does not prove it.

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