It's alive!

It's alive!

Just as we all accepted that the Comet ISON has most likely disintegrated under the high heat and gravitational stress of the Sun, amazing sungrazer came ALIVE, gaining more brightness. Thousands watched ISON's journey through the solar system and its unusual perihelion thanks to internet and unprecedented fleet of international spacecraft.

Latest SOHO and STEREO imagery show what it looks like newly-formed nucleus. Karl Battams just tweeted that after 2 000 sungrazing comet observations, he has never seen brightening in the same way that ISON appear to be doing right now. 

Comet ISON seen n recent STEREO imagery (Credit: STEREO/NASA)

SOHO's LASCO C3 image 

Comet ISON seen as coming in and coming out from the Sun on SOHO's LASCO C2 images via (Credit: SOHO/ESA/NASA)

Are this remains of fragmented comet or the nucleus managed to stay intact or partialy fragmented, or perhaps fragmentation in process; for now, nobody can tell. We are now waiting for new images to come.

Live updates continue here:

Comet ISON vs The Sun - Live updates

Featured image: NASA/SOHO/SDO


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Fumb Duck 7 years ago


david 7 years ago

Not many have seen this ISON clip...You can actually see ISON and the sun interact and the spot over sun goes dizzy like the sun just had a majer coma and blas as ISON passes by. This one for sure really sets a more humbling mood then most of the other ISON film clips I have seen. Still Amazing stuff. -<**(||~*>>--* Here is video link

dawn 7 years ago

Well I don't know what Ison is, but it is clearly not a comet.

Bob Holbrook 7 years ago

It just took a side trip to 1968.

stephen andrew persaud 7 years ago


Georgianna Myers 7 years ago

I am so excited for Ison is God who is coming and giving warning to the world. I knew from when it disappeared that it was I son also know as IAM. Thank God and many need to believe. Look at the pictures and two of them look like a cross. What proof does the world need? It disappeared and resurrected. Thank you watchers for telling us this good news that we knew would happen.

peter zivanovic (@Georgianna Myers) 7 years ago

That is apsolutely correct so it is time time to rememeber who we are and what has happened to Mars back in the days for those forgetting who they are. We move from a planet to planet through conciousness so we dont reapet the same mistakes ever again.

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