Parallel rows of dust over Arabian dust


Dust blows over Afghanistan and off the coasts of Iran and Pakistan. Air currents cause it to form long, parallel rows rather than an indistinct cloud. The dust reaches far over the Arabian Sea, where it is then swept westwards towards the Arabian Peninsula.

Dust captured by MODIS/Aqua satellite on December 28, 2012 (Credit: MODIS/Aqua)


Source: Earth Snapshots


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  1. Pictures are very good. But one thing I want to share that is relate to winter season. In winter season, in these regions like pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran there is only fog storm develops due to collapse of two different type of winds i.e northern wind which is cold and southern wind which is normal in temperature. Due to this collapse of both winds, cold wind dominate due to their blowing power and as a result fog generates. That may be a fog storm not a dust storm.

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