California earthquake swarm precursors August 26, 2012

California earthquake swarm precursors August 26, 2012

Strong earthquake swarm in Southern California may indicate a valid precursor relationship linking to past seismic activity in the area which are highlighted in this short video.

Earthquake migration, kinetic energy transfer through tectonic plates, Newtons Cradle, meridian migration, precursor, fore-shocks.

Video by SolarWatcher


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TNO 9 years ago

It's related to fracking. A LOT of it goes on in that area.

Gordian Knot (@TNO) 9 years ago

That's all you have to offer is 'fracking' . . . really? On 08.26.12 USGS recorded 240 of these fracking incidents with a magnitude 1.1-5.5 at various depths of 0.6-46km primarily in NW Brawley, CA. Okay, let's ponder for moment that it is fracking creating unnatural earthquakes, not that natural earthquakes are a joy to experience either. Do you believe that fracking is a sound practice for companies to foist on the general population in known fault zones/areas which can wreak havoc, potential injury and property damage much of which is unreported in lame-stream media? I don't know about you, but anything moving below my feet that rumbles concerns me. And no I am not part of the "sky is falling" crowd either, but 240 recorded EQs or 'fracking' in a day is disconcerting.

moineau (@Gordian Knot) 9 years ago

i have to agree. just looking back at the history of these swarms in the area in the 70s, 80s, it is a lot more than fracking. fracking can cause a large earthquake, there's no question, but not in this case.

Doug Gibson 9 years ago

Some online 'scientific' answers claim the earthquake swarm is not related to the offshore El Salvador quake, but a child can see if they have been watching the USGS site continually that they are related. There were over 100 quakes in the region near San Diego in one day and these have been continuing while several larger quakes radiated southward into the bay of California. Today the 7.3 quake occurred offshore of El Salvador. I felt something big was coming and it did. Now this can be also a precursor to something worse. California will get it soon. The divine hand of providence will change things soon.

Gordian Knot 9 years ago

There are a lot of dots to connect from the world of geology, paleontology, archaeology, biology, anthropology, paleoclimatology, hydrology, vulcanology, and the relationship of Sun to Earth et al. What I am beginning to discover are those scientists that have multiple backgrounds (rare albeit) in the above, thus, their credibility for making sound claims and connecting the dots on a global scale become more dimensional and real with expertise. The epiphanies will shower you with knowledge, relief and comfort knowing more about our existence and the direction we are all heading with today's global events as our Earth shudders daily.

moineau 9 years ago

i'm so glad the watchers highlighted this video. of course it's connected. when i saw those far southern quakes, the connection felt obvious. xoxoxoxo

Lisa 9 years ago

So do you think the California swarm was a precursor to the 7.3 off shore El Salvador or is something bigger to come? Personally, I think something bigger is to come.

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