Bright light over California identified as Navy missile

Bright light over California identified as Navy missile

A bright light was seen across the sky over California early Tuesday morning, February 14, 2017, and later identified as a Navy missile test. The object appeared in the sky for at least 45 seconds. Many said it changed trajectories.

The event was described as a bright light with a large, glowing tail that slowly moved across the early morning sky.

Navy Strategic Systems Programs spokesman John Daniels said an Ohio-class submarine off the coast of California, south of the Bay Area, launched two Trident II D-5 missiles, one at 03:30 and another at 06:20 local time.

It was the latter one that was seen by many people who shared images and speculated what it might be. 

“It was part of a routine missile test that has been planned for a couple of years,” Daniels said. “This was not in response to any ongoing world activities.”

The Trident II is a three-stage missile with a range of 6 500 km (4 000 miles).

Daniels said Bay Area residents likely saw stage one, which lasts about a minute, and possibly part of stage two. By stage three, the missile is well-beyond what the naked eye can see, he said, as quoted by East Bay Times.

Featured image: Bright light over California on February 14, 2017. Credit: Jason Poon



Bryn Duffy 1 year ago

Was there a test launch and flight at lower altitudes passing over Santa Rosa, CA on 3/18/2017 at about 0215 hours +/- 15minutes? Heard loud whistling sufficient to wake me up. Lasted about 30 seconds. There were at least 2 events slightly overlapping. No visual confirmation.
Just curious.

Paul wood 1 year ago

They would never fire missile stages over a populated area. If they did, they would surely be under review - but they have to say something. This was a sign, similar to those seen over Los Angeles on 11/7/15, and Miami 9/2/15. What the sign is telling us is that a spherical body has been moved onto a new orbit, and it will look like this in the sky when it passes - probably 10-12 years from now. What I am telling you is that when you see this in the sky, get ready to find your safe spot.

TW (@Paul wood) 1 year ago


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