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Tropical Cyclone Helen makes landfall in India

Tropical Cyclone Helen, accompanied by strong winds and heavy rain, has made landfall near Machilipatnam, across the Andhra Pradesh in India. 8,000 people have been evacuated to safer places while two persons were killed in separate rain-related

November 22, 2013


Tropical Cyclone Mahasen intensified in Bay of Bengal

The first tropical cyclone in the Northern Indian Ocean this season,Tropical Cyclone Mahasen (01B), is now centered to the northeast of Sri Lanka, or several miles south of Calcutta, India, and will impact areas from northeast India to Bangladesh and Myanmar, along the

May 14, 2013


Tropical Cyclone Mahasen targets India, Bangladesh, Myanmar

Tropical Cyclone Mahasen (TC 01B) is getting better organized. Winds are predicted to increase to hurricane force as the system moves further northward into the Bay of Bengal. TC Mahasen is now located east-nort​heast of Sri Lanka and is expected to

May 12, 2013


Red alert for wind impact in Bangladesh - Tropical Cyclone 01B developed in Bay of Bengal

​New tropical disturbance developed in Bay of Bengal and it's named Tropical Cyclone 01B. The current maximum wind speed is 157 km/h, equal to Category 2 storm. This tropical cyclone is expected to have a high humanitarian impact based on the storm strength

May 11, 2013

cimss 610x250

Two new tropical disturbances formed in Indian Ocean

New tropical depression (System 94S) formed on May 8, 2013 and is about to become next tropical cyclone in  Southern Indian Ocean – Tropical Cyclone 24S.  The system is packing maximum sustained winds near 40 knots (46 mph/74 kmh) with gusts

May 09, 2013

Imelda featured

Tropical Cyclone Imelda has slowed down in Southern Indian Ocean

An area of low pressure moving toward Cyclone Imelda from the west has turned the storm to the south from its westward track. Since interacting with the approaching area of low pressure from the west and then turning south, Imelda has slowed down. According to latest

April 12, 2013

20130406 21 full

Tropical Cyclone 21S formed in Indian Ocean

New tropical disturbance is taking shape in waters of Indian Ocean. According to latest report by Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Tropical Cyclone 21S is located approximately 335 nm south- southwest of Diego Garcia, and is moving south-westward at speed of 11

April 08, 2013


Tropical Cyclone Rusty left flooded rivers and lakes in north-western Australia

Tropical Cyclone Rusty made landfall in northwestern Australia in late February 2013, coming ashore east of Port Hedland and bringing strong winds to the community of Pardoo. Rusty's heavy rainfall forced Australian Bureau of Meteorology to issue a flood warning for

March 05, 2013


Tropical Cyclone Gino spinning in South Indian Ocean

Gino formed as a tropical storm over the southern Indian Ocean on February 11, 2013, and strengthened into a cyclone the next day. On February 14, the U.S. Navy’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) reported that Gino was located roughly 1,110 nautical miles

February 14, 2013

Felleng Chellys

Tropical Cyclone Felleng moves southward, away from Madagascar

According to latest report by Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Tropical Cyclone Felleng (13S) was located 275 nm west of La Reunion and continued to track southward along the western periphery of a north-south oriented subtropical steering ridge, at speed of 6

February 01, 2013


Tropical Cyclone Felleng close to Madagascar

According to latest report by Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Tropical Cyclone Felleng (13S) was located approximately 310 nm northwest of La Reunion, and was moving west-southwestward at 11 knots. Sustainable winds range from 102 to 115 knots. MODIS

January 31, 2013

TS 13S

Tropical Cyclone 13S aiming Madagascar

New tropical system is forming near La Reunion Islands. According to latest JTWC report, Tropical cyclone  13S was located approximately 590 nm northeast of La Reunion, and is moving west-southwestward at 11 knots. Animated multispectral satellite imagery reveals a

January 27, 2013

emang MODIS Terra

Tropical Cyclone Emang picks up speed

According to latest report by Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Tropical Cyclone Emang was located approximately 500 nm east- southeast of Diego Garcia, and was moving at speed of 5 knots. Animated infrared (IR) satellite imagery depicts a partially exposed

January 14, 2013


Tropical Cyclone Narelle formed off Australia coast

Tropical Cyclone Narelle developed off northwestern Australia coast with the potential to make landfall. Area between the coasts of Port Hedland and Learmount could get the most of rainfall and strong winds. TC Narelle forecast track by JTWC  According to

January 09, 2013


Tropical Storm Freda (05P) formed near Solomon Islands

December 26, RSMC Nadi started to monitor a tropical disturbance that had developed about 1075 km (670 miles) to the north of Port Vila, Vanuatu. During that day, the disturbance moved westwards and developed into a tropical depression.Now known as Tropical Storm

December 30, 2012

TC Mitchell

Tropical Cyclone Mitchell formed near Western Australia

TCWC Perth started to monitor a weak tropical low that had developed about 1,265 km (785 miles) to the southeast of Jakarta, Indonesia. Over the next couple of days the low moved towards the south-southwest and gradually developed further before the JTWC declared it

December 29, 2012

TC 04A multispectral view1

Tropical Cyclone 04A expected to make landfall in Somalia

According to latest Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) report, Tropical Cyclone 04A is located approximately 280 nm south of Cape Guardafui, Somalia, and is moving southwestward at 12 knots over the past six hours. Animated multispectral satellite imagery shows

December 24, 2012

TC03B featured

Tropical Cyclone 03B formed in Bay of Bengal

According to latest report by Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC), Tropical Cyclone 03B is located approximately 400 nm east-northeast of Chennai, India. The system is moving southwestward at 07 knots over the past six hours. Recent animated infrared satellite

November 19, 2012


New tropical cyclone is forming near Guam

Formation of a significant tropical cyclone is possible within 95 nm either side of a line from 13.6N 141.8E to 17.3N 142.6E within the next 6 to 24 hours. Available data do not justify issuance of numbered tropical cyclone warnings at this time.The area of

August 19, 2012


Formation of a new tropical cyclone in west Pacific ocean

Formation of significant tropical cyclone is possible within 165 nm either side of a line from 23.3N 145.9E to 24.2N 140.8E within the next 12 to 24 hours according to latest report by Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC). Winds in the area are estimated to be 18 to 23

August 02, 2012


Tropical Cyclone Irina updates and forecast track

Cyclone Irina remains a threat to the KwaZulu-Natal coast with a combination of very rough seas, marine storm surge, as well as gale-force and devastating floods. Many people have had their homes destroyed by the cyclone. About 300 houses had been flooded. South

March 05, 2012

tropical cyclone irina satellite 28_2_2012

New tropical cyclone Irina formed in Mozambique Channel

A new tropical cyclone (14S) named Irina has formed and is now active in the Mozambique Channel. It's located approximately 270 NM (500 km) northwest of Antananarivo, Madagascar. It's strengthening tropical storm with 35 knot current sustained winds and is expected to

February 29, 2012

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Darwin residents preparing for tropical cyclone

A cyclone warning is current for remote communities north and east of Darwin as a tropical low develops off the Top End coast. The weather bureau expects a category one cyclone to form later today, before intensifying into a category two system on Christmas Day.A

December 24, 2011

529351main_20110318_Arani TRMM_full

Southern Atlantic Subtropical storm Arani information

NASA's Aqua and TRMM satellites are providing data to scientists about the Southern Atlantic Ocean Sub-tropical Storm Arani, a rare occurrence in the southern ocean. Rainfall data and cloud top temperatures revealed some heavy rain and strong thunderstorms exist in

March 22, 2011