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Air still leaking from ISS after failed attempt to seal the crack

Pressure continues to decline at the International Space Station after a failed attempt to fix the air leak using adhesive tape. The leak is located the working compartment of Zvezda Service Module and was described by Roscosmos as 'more than standard.' The...

October 13, 2020

zvezda service module

Roscosmos reports air leak on International Space Station

A 'more than standard' air leak was found in the working compartment of the Zvezda Service Module on the International Space Station (ISS), Russian Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities reported on Tuesday, September 29, 2020. "After a...

September 29, 2020

quadrantid meteor shower jan 22 2020 featured img

ISS astronaut shares her view of Quadrantid meteor shower and aurora over Edmonton, Canada

NASA astronaut Christina Koch shared a stunning photo of the Quadrantid meteor shower-- this year's first meteor shower-- from her view aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The majestic view also features green bands of the aurora borealis or northern...

January 24, 2020

soyuz MS 10 rocket launched toward ISS october 11 2018 moments before booster failure

Soyuz rocket with crew to ISS malfunctions minutes after launch, capsule returns in a ballistic descent mode

The US-Russian Expedition 57 crew launched toward the International Space Station inside Soyuz MS-10 rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 08:40 UTC on Thursday, October 11, 2018, was forced to make emergency landing several minutes after launch....

October 11, 2018


Will the International Space Station be decommissioned soon?

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and seen a strange, slowly moving light cross the horizon? Chances are it wasn’t an alien spacecraft, but instead, the International Space Station flying by. This extraordinary structure has been in orbit since 1998 and...

August 28, 2016


ISS makes 100 000 orbits around Earth

As it passed Earth's equator at 06:10 UTC on May 16, 2016, the International Space Station (ISS) started its 100 000th orbit around Earth. It took 17 years for ISS to reach this important milestone. During the 100 000 orbits since the first component of the...

May 17, 2016


High Definition Earth Viewing - Earth from the ISS

The Earth, our greatest treasure the blue pearl of the universe seen from heavens. These beautiful time lapse videos are taken from the International Space Station. The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment aboard the ISS was activated April 30, 2014. It...

January 21, 2016


15 years of continuous habitation aboard the ISS

Today, November 2, 2015 marks 15 years of continuous habitation aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Expedition 1, the first station crew, docked on November 2, 2000 after launching two days earlier inside the Russian Soyuz TM-31 rocket from the Baikonur...

November 02, 2015


Aurora flyover in HD as seen from the International Space Station

The following video was compiled from time-lapse videos recorded from the International Space Station, courtesy of the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, NASA Johnson Space Centre.

November 16, 2014

iss 3

Turning International Space Station into a giant Earth observer

With the inclusion of six new Earth science instruments NASA wants to take the earth watching capability of ISS to a whole new level. The upgrading process started on September 20th when a SpaceX resupply rocket blasted off from Cape Canaveral carrying the first NASA Ea

September 29, 2014


ISERV Viewer - New online tool for viewing images of Earth from ISS

A new user-friendly online resource interface - ISERV Viewer - with nearly two years of Earth images taken from a space station camera was recently released to the public. The interface is a world map that links to thousands of images made by the ISERV camera.ISERV (Int

September 27, 2014


Jellyfish Flame on the International Space Station

Astronauts onboard the International Space Station report seeing flames that behave like jellyfish while conducting experiments on how fuel burns in microgravity. They’re looking at how quickly it burns, the conditions needed for soot to form – and how mixtu

September 09, 2014


Study finds astronauts' hearts become more spherical in space

New findings from a study of 12 astronauts show the heart becomes more spherical when exposed to long periods of microgravity in space, a change that could lead to cardiac problems, according to research to be presented at the American College of Cardiology's 63rd

March 31, 2014

ISS038 E 016781

Sensing lightning from ISS

Across the atmosphere of Earth, lightning flashes about 50 times per second. That’s 4.3 million times a day and roughly 1.5 billion times a year. Using a new instrument on the International Space Station (ISS), scientists are trying to observe and dissect at

March 24, 2014


The world outside my window - Time-lapse of Earth from the ISS

This great montage of time-lapse photography from the International Space Station was made by David Peterson and collected from many images taken in Expeditions 29, 30 and 31.  The goal with this sequence was to bring a bit more attention to the

December 04, 2013


Space rivalry - India to Mars, China to Moon, Russia delivers holiday goods to ISS

India and China have both made huge steps in their national space programs in last 30 days. At 17:30 UTC on December 1, 2013, China has launched its first lunar rover mission which should land in the Moon's northern hemisphere in

December 01, 2013


15th anniversary of International Space Station

On November 20, 1998, the first module for International Space Station (ISS) was successfully launched on a Russian Proton rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome Site 81 in Kazakhstan to a 400 km (250 miles) high orbit with a designed lifetime of at least 15 years. Module

November 20, 2013


Use of hyperspectral ocean imager aboard ISS (HICO) available to more scientists

The International Space Station is expanding the use of its Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean (HICO) instrument to more Earth scientists and environmental researchers. HICO records highly detailed images of various environments on Earth for research,

July 11, 2013

ISS036 E 005647_lrg

Steam plume observed at Gaua volcano, Vanuatu

Gaua, also known as Santa Maria Island, is part of the Vanuatu Archipelago, a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Just 20 kilometers (12 miles) in diameter, Gaua Island is actually the exposed upper cone and summit of

June 17, 2013

pavlof_ISS036 E 002464_feat

Eruption of Pavlof volcano seen from space on May 18, 2013

Situated in the Aleutian Arc about 625 miles (1,000 kilometers) southwest of Anchorage, Alaska, Pavlof volcano began erupting on May 13, 2013 and Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) changed its volcanic alert level from Advisory to Watch and aviation color dode from

May 22, 2013


Marillion's soundtrack for space

Rock band Marillion have a long-standing interest in science and exploration. In particular, guitarist Steve Rothery is fascinated by the images of Earth as seen from the International Space Station. He wrote a piece of music called "Space" some time ago and thought it

February 23, 2013

ISS Timelapse

Orbit - Yet another incredible ISS timelapse

  Edited by Brian Tomlinson: http://www.btprints.comOriginal stills for the time lapse sequences courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center.Music: 'Eve' by

February 22, 2013

ISS flyover

New ISS timelapse: From night to day to night again

The latest video from the International Space Station (courtesy of the crew of Expedition 34) shows the view from ISS when crossing from night into day, and then slips back into night again. ISS cross the terminator and experience this day-night cycle 16 times a day.

January 29, 2013


International Space Station maneuvers to record the complete rotation of Sun

This weekend the International Space Station will turn itself to position ESA’s SOLAR instrument for a better view of the Sun. This would be the first time ISS has changed attitude for scientific reasons alone.SOLAR instrument was installed on ESA’s Columbus

December 01, 2012


A timelapse message from ISS to all Humankind

"Further Up Yonder" timelapse video was compiled by film-making student Giacomo Sardelli by using pictures taken from the International Space Station to tell a story and share the message sent by the astronauts who worked on the station in the last 11 years. This is

November 28, 2012


Earth Illuminated: ISS time-lapse photography

From high above the Earth, the International Space Station (ISS) provides a unique vantage point to view our home planet. Stunning time-lapse photography of cities, aurora, lightning and other sights are seen from orbit. “If you could see the Earth

August 09, 2012


View from the ISS at night - Video by Knate Myers

Here’s the latest video of nighttime passes of the International Space Station over Earth, assembled by photographer Knate Myers, compiled and arranged in Sony Vegas. Every frame in this video is a photograph taken from the ISS.View from the ISS at Night from

July 24, 2012

ISS031 E 089012

Transit of Venus from Space

The Transit of Venus is over. It was the most spectacular event for all skywatchers as well for the whole astrophysics science community. Technology in 2012 allowed us to observe the Transit from mighty Earth's telescopes as well as from solar-observing space fleet and

June 07, 2012


ISS threatened by mutant space microbes

Seventy-six types of unregulated micro-organisms have been detected on the International Space Station (ISS). Though many are harmless, some are already capable of causing severe damage. These organisms corrode metals and polymers and can cause equipment to fail...

April 24, 2012


Aurora borealis seen from International Space Station

NASA Earth Observatory released amazing videos of March auroras seen from International Space Station (ISS). The sequence of shots to create this video was taken by the crew of Expedition 30 on January 25, 2012 from 09:27:08 to 09:32:16 GMT, on a pass from northwestern

March 17, 2012


Launch of ISS crews delayed 45 days

The launch of two new crews to the International Space Station (ISS) will be postponed by about 45 days over the need to build a reserve capsule, a Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) official said on Tuesday.It was earlier announced that three new crew members -

January 31, 2012

ISS029 E 041836

South Shetland Islands and Antarctica viewed from ISS

The inclined equatorial orbit of the International Space Station (ISS) limits astronauts to nadir views of Earth—looking straight down from the spacecraft—between approximately 52 degrees North latitude and 52 degrees South. However, when viewing conditions are

December 05, 2011


Thanksgiving message from the International Space Station

NASA astronaut Dan Burbank delivers a special Thanksgiving message from the International Space Station. Burbank is making his third visit to the station. His previous two visits were both aboard space shuttle Atlantis. During the STS-106 mission in September 2000, he

November 25, 2011


New time-lapse video from ISS

The latest time-lapse sequence of photographs by ISS Space crew shows period fromAugust to October, 2011 with amazing auroras. Images was put together by Michael König. These views are taken with a special low-light 4K-camera now on the Space Station.You can see

November 14, 2011

Screen Shot 2011 11 03 at 12.38.52 AM

ISS night flight over Middle East and Southern Asia

While passing over Middle East and South Asia crew of International Space Station took another amazing images and video of nigh shining city lights on October 21st. Expedition 29 crew made an animation from dozens still images assembled by the Image Science and

November 03, 2011

sts110 730 031

Amazing timelapse video from the Space Station

Science educator James Drake built this amazing timelapse video from the perspective of the International Space Station as it flew over North and South America. He created this video by downloading a series of 600 photographs that were available online at the Gateway

September 20, 2011

800px STS 134_International_Space_Station_after_undocking

What is happening with International Space Station

While some may dismiss such claims as hype, there is a real fear among NASA officials that, should the orbiting space station need to be abandoned, the risk for a catastrophic failure greatly increases. The situation arose when Russia’s Soyuz rocket, carrying

September 01, 2011


Perseid meteor shower on August 12th and 13th

Earth is entering a stream of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle, source of the annual Perseid meteor shower. International observers are now reporting more than a dozen Perseids per hour, a number that will increase as the shower reaches its peak on August 12-13. Full

August 10, 2011


Space debris forces ISS astronauts to evacuate the station

The six-member crew of the International Space Station took shelter in two Russian Soyuz spacecraft early Tuesday because of a predicted close approach by an unknown piece of space debris.Safety procedures are put into effect when radar tracking indicates debris

June 28, 2011