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asteroid 2017 yz4 geocentric flyby diagram

Asteroid 2017 YZ4 to flyby Earth at 0.58 LD on December 28

A newly discovered asteroid designated 2017 YZ4 will flyby Earth at a distance of 0.00150 AU or 0.58 LD (~224 396 km / 139 433 miles) on December 28, 2017. This is the first known asteroid to flyby Earth within 1 lunar distance since November 21 and the 52nd this...

December 27, 2017


SciShow: 3 Ways to save Earth from an asteroid

Hank from SciShow gives us the skinny on three plans NASA scientists have come up with to save Earth from an asteroid impact. NEO/JPLIMPACTSource: SciShowFeatured image: Artist rendering asteroid (Credit:

March 10, 2013

neossat canada feb 25 2013

Hunting near Earth objects - Canada launches NEO hunter

Canada launched world's first space telescope specifically designed to spot potentially hazardous asteroid and satellites. NEOSSat space satellite - Near Earth Object Surveillance Satellite - was launched on Monday, February 25, 2013 atop an Indian rocket. It now

March 07, 2013


Record-setting flyby of Asteroid 2012 DA14 set for February 15, 2013

The Earth expects record-setting close flyby on February 15, 2013 when a chunk of space rock about 50 meters wide, designated as Asteroid 2012-DA14, will fly near our planet quite rapidly, at a speed of about 7.8 kilometers/second (17,400 miles/hour) in a

February 11, 2013


ESA mulling over an 'Asteroid deflection mission', seeks ideas

The thought of asteroid impact on Earth is intimidating - one that's connected with catastrophic devastation in past and have always been a hot topic for fictional stories. Though space agencies are continuously watching the sky in search of potential future impact

January 17, 2013

comet elenin mattiazzo fading imagery

Comet Elenin's debris to pass by Earth on Sunday

The moment long feared by conspiracy theorists is nearly upon us: The "doomsday comet" Elenin will make its closest approach to Earth Sunday (Oct. 16). Or what's left of it will, anyway. Comet Elenin started breaking up in August after being blasted by...

October 15, 2011

595px Lagrange_Horseshoe_Orbit

A long-lived horseshoe companion to the Earth

There are plenty of near-Earth asteroids out there, but this latest one studied by two researchers at Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland is extremely rare in that it has a weird, horseshoe-shaped orbit. Not that Asteroid 2010 SO16 does an about-face and turns

April 07, 2011


Asteroid's Record-Breaking Brush with Earth Changed It Forever

A tiny asteroid that zipped by Earth this month made the closest-ever approach to our planet without hitting it, an encounter that changed its place in our solar system forever, NASA scientists say. The asteroid, called 2011 CQ1, came within 3,400 miles (5,471

February 26, 2011