Newly discovered asteroid 2017 AG13 to flyby Earth at 0.53 LD

Newly discovered asteroid 2017 AG13 to flyby Earth at 0.53 LD

A newly discovered asteroid named 2017 AG13 will make a very close approach to our planet on January 9, 2017. This asteroid belongs to Aten group of asteroids.

2017 AG13 has an estimated size between 11 and 34 m (36 and 111 feet). It will flyby our planet at 12:47 UTC on January 9 at a distance of 0.53 LD (203 520 km / 126 461 miles). Its relative velocity is 15.7 km/s.

It was first observed at Catalina Sky Survey on January 7, 2017. Its next close approach to Earth is expected on December 28, 2017.

Ephemeris | Orbit Diagram | Orbital Elements | Physical Parameters | Close-Approach Data ]

As of January 5, 2017, there are 15 548 known near-Earth objects. 15 442 are near-Earth asteroids. 

Of the total number of NEOs, 1 125 belong to Aten group of asteroids. The group is named after 2062 Aten, the first of its kind discovered by American astronomer Eleanor Helin at Palomar Observatory on January 7, 1976.

Near-earth asteroids discovered as of January 8, 2017

Featured image: Asteroid 2017 AG13 - geocentric flyby diagram by Minor Planet Center. Annotation: TW


Nick eizinga 3 years ago

What would happen if the earth catches up with a asteroid like that.. and.i mean yes earth hiting the asteroid and not the way around

Cecil Bullard 3 years ago

Will the December 2017 return be any closer?

hugh miller 3 years ago

Any more information on the asteroid due to pass very close to Earth on Oct. 12, 2017 and what are details on size an distance from Earth?

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