Mysterious paralysis case reported in Pakistan

Mysterious paralysis case reported in Pakistan

In a first such case in the entire world, two Pakistani brothers become paralyzed when the Sun sets, and are unable to speak or move until the Sun rises again. The strangest part is that the boys seem totally unaffected during the day time. This is the first known report of these symptoms and doctors have no idea what's causing them.

Shoaib Ahmed and Abdul Rasheed are the first people who reported experiencing such symptoms. Medicinal experts have run numerous test but have, so far, been unable to determine what is causing them, or how to treat the condition.

"Our doctors are doing medical tests to determine why these kids remain active in the day but cannot open their eyes, why they cannot talk or eat when [the] sun goes down," said Javed Akram, a professor of medicine at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.

The boys have been living in a hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan, since the beginning of the year, where their medical condition is being carefully monitored. So far, over 300 tests have been conducted on them.

Despite them being nicknamed "the solar boys," the doctors' evaluation states that their condition is not related to the amount of sunlight, as they are capable of moving during the day, even in a dark, closed room.

The tests also suggest they aren't experiencing temporary paralysis from nerve damage nor the so-called sleep paralysis, a condition in which the human body is paralyzed during the REM sleep stage while the brain remains awake.

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According to doctors, their condition might be related to their genetic origin, as the boys' father and mother are related as first cousins, a situation which is quite common in Pakistan.

However, despite the speculations, experts have so far not been able to determine which genes are responsible for causing such dramatic condition. It is known that the boys' had two other brothers who had died from the same condition, although their sister doesn't show such symptoms.

Currently, the experts are analyzing soil and air samples from their village while the boys' blood sample was sent for genetic testing and further detailed examination.

During the day, the boys seem unaffected by their condition and are capable of leading normal life. Some medicines were also able to alleviate the condition and doctors hope they may enable them to lead almost normal lives.

The experts hope that more research will shed some light on the situation, and will provide them with answers as to what may be causing the symptoms and how to treat them effectively.

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