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Dazzling meteor lights up skies over Scotland


A dazzling meteor lit up skies over Scotland at 18:49 UTC on February 29, 2016, turning night into day for several seconds. The white light, seen across Perthshire, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands, was followed by a rumbling sound that lasted about 10 seconds, according to media reports.

STV News said some people reported feeling buildings shake as a result of the bang. Their weather presenter Sean Batty said the flash of light would be of an extraordinary level, and 'given the full cloud cover, this would have illuminated the whole sky'.

Video courtesy of MoorayFirthRadio

A spokesman for the Scotland Police said they have received reports of a very loud bang but were unable to establish what it was.

Featured image: Meteor lights up the sky over Scotland on February 29, 2016. Credit: Bill Adison.


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  1. Watcher, can you post more videos with more details on this, particularly, the perimeter of this explosion? We know it is covered by the cloud. The sound “waves & particles” (pun fully intended) are an essential part of this event as well. It must be significant. So like to hear it. Please do not disturb the either side of global climate change Homo sapiens. Let the crowd focus on the Asteroid 2013 TXXXXXX68. Oops, how many X’s I have used?

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