Earth directed solar flares possible in the coming days

Earth directed solar flares possible in the coming days

Solar activity was at low levels during last 24 hours, however, that might change today and in the days ahead. Active Region 2036 exhibited rapid growth over the last few days and is now almost directly facing our planet. Earth directed eruptions from this regions are now possible.

NOAA SWPC forecasters estimate 50% chance of M-class, and 5% chance of X-class solar flares during the next three days.

Multiple C-class events were observed in last 24 hours, including the largest flare, a C8.6 from Region 2035 (S19E26, Fac/beta-gamma) at 09:23 UTC on April 15. Region 2036 (S18W01, Dkc/beta-gamma) produced the remaining C-class flares. 

New Regions 2039 (N16E28, Bxo/beta) and 2040 (N24E11,Bxo/beta) were numbered yesterday. 

Old Active Region 2014 is now fully visible and was renumbered 2038. It appears to be stable.

Regions 2034, 2035, 2036 and 2037 are all geoeffective today.

Sunspots on April 16, 2014. Image credit: NASA SDO/HMI

2032 N12W29 274 160 6 CSO 3 B
2033 N12W18 263 60 2 HSX 1 A
2034 N04E02 242 200 11 EAI 14 BG
2035 S19E26 219 190 16 FAC 18 BG
2036 S18W01 246 270 8 DKC 15 BG
2037 S09E03 242 40 2 DSO 3 BG
2038 S12E64 181 30 2 CSO 2 B
2039 N16E28 217 10 1 BXO 2 B
2040 N24E11 234 0 0 BXO 1 B

Active Region 2036

Magnetic class: Beta-Gamma. April 16, 2014

Image credit: NASA SDO/HMI


Moderately strong solar flare measuring M1.0 erupted from Region 2035 (S17E18, Fkc/beta-gamma) on April 16, 2014. This event started at 19:54, peaked at 19:59 and ended at 20:04 UTC. A Type II Radio Emission with estimated velocity of 1071 km/s was associated. Read more about this event.

Featured image: NASA SDO/HMI

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stephen andrew persaud 6 years ago

just in time for Easter....or should I say Astarte

Jamal Shrair 6 years ago

If Earth directed X-class solar flares will take palce then I believe huge earthquake and volcanic eruption will take place two-three days later. The Earth's interior is close to state of saturation. Any further heat induced at the interior from now on will make big impact

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