Dust blows off coast of West Africa toward Canary Islands

Dust blows off coast of West Africa toward Canary Islands

A thick plume of dust blows off the coast of Western Africa, from the Bay of Arguin in Mauritania, northward parallel to Western Sahara, reaching the Canary Islands. The dust completely obscures the waters of the Bay of Arguin, usually bright green from phytoplankton growth.

Meanwhile, there is a tropical wave located about 800 miles west of Cape Verde Islands. This system is bringing showers and thunderstorms  across Atlantic Ocean. Environmental conditions appear conductive for a tropical depression to form during the next day or two. This system has a high 60% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone during the next 48 hours as it moves westward at speed of 35-40 km/h (20-25 mph).

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Gordian Knot 7 years ago

I haven't heard much about the Canary Islands underwater eruptions as of lately, but I am willing to bet that there's chaos we don't see taking place near the islands. The sandstorms probably aided in the development of oceanic Chevrons throughout the centuries with plenty of evidence buried beneath the shorelines on how they came to pass. I. Velikovsky has some fascinating input on such catastrophic global events.

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