Waterspout in Riga, Latvia (Video)

Waterspout in Riga, Latvia (Video)

A viewer in Kolka, Latvia, caught this waterspout on tape on June 13, 2012 off the coast of the Gulf of Riga.

Courtesy of Jan van Ooijen, MeteoService.nl

Video autor: Uldis Krustiņš

Source: AccuWeather


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Bobbm2 9 years ago

And apart from anything else, this particular portion of the web site is about tornadoes. The picture at the top is of a water spout; a tornado at sea. These things occur evrywhere at any time. Visit the Indonesian coast if you don't believe me. I was there a couple of years ago and counted ten of them at once during a thunder storm. Nothing unusual about that and certainly doesn't indicate the end of the world! Stop being frightened little girls and embrace the fantastic nature of the planet that we live on.

Christian Friend 9 years ago

You give the govt. to much credit... This is the book of revelation. Check out what is going on with the Sun... Sorry but man does not control the weather only God does... You live in the time of Iron and Clay. The One World sins is bringing God final judgement on the world. Remember God said he will destroy the world by fire and guess what the earth is heating up...

Bobbm2 (@Christian Friend) 9 years ago

What!!? THERE-IS-NO-GOD! This 'all caring, all forgiving myth' is not responsible for the weather. Man does not control the weather either. It's nature, that's what nature does; it's natural. If there's a god and he is so 'all powerful' why is he taking so long to destroy the Earth? Why not do it in one day, like he supposedly did in that classic work of pure fiction, the bible? Come on, get real and stop peddling your ridiculous religious views on this site. The world would be a much happier and better place if it wasn't for religion.

Christian Friend (@Bobbm2) 9 years ago

In the beginning of time Nothingness condensed and from Nothingness came the Big Bang then Nothing begin to grow. As Nothing cooled it started to form Nothing and as it moved across the vast darkness it became Nothing. Then we showed up and was amazed at the vast Nothingness. :)

Bobbm2 (@Christian Friend) 9 years ago

As usual, the religious freak has nothing to say in the face of the compelling argument that THERE-IS-NO-GOD!

Christian Friend (@Bobbm2) 9 years ago

Why do you attack me..... Why so much hate.... I will pray for you. Take Care. :)

Teo Blašković (@Christian Friend) 9 years ago

Who's living in time of Iron and Clay, again?

Christian Friend (@admin) 9 years ago

The Prophet Daniel said this around 537 BC - Nebuchadnezzar dream. Men of Iron (One World - Elites) Men of Clay (People of God - Elect) Doesn't mix. This one world is forming but its also starting to fall apart. In the coming years food shortages, Stock Market crash, Euro bust, Elite greed (nation will turn on nation), Extreme heat, Extreme weather, WWIII, Mark of the Beast, etc, etc... = End Of Days and the coming of the New Kingdom. Old Europe was not the time of Iron/Clay as many have said.

Grace 9 years ago

That's HAARP...a government weapon used to change weather...it boils the water and kills all the fish for hundreds of miles....look it up on the internet...

Sherry (@Grace) 9 years ago

Grace is right,it is HAARP that is causing all of this unusual weather and mysterious death of aquatic life and and animals.Just stop and think a few moments we never had mass deaths of wildlife in the 1960's or 1970's or 1980's.Now does that sort of give you a hint.Also take a look at the earthquake register on your computer for worldwide,there is so many earthquakes its unbelieveable.The electric volts that are being shot into the air at HAARP are warping our solar system.This ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is behind all of it!!!!!

Bobbm2 (@Sherry) 9 years ago

Oh Sherry and Grace. You have it so, so wrong. Your talking about a conspiracy theory. It has nothing at all to do with boiling oceans, causing unusual weather, causing earthquakes (really?) or affecting the solar system. The technology used at the HAARP station couldn't boil an egg let alone the bloody oceans! I looked it up on the internet, Grace and it's all nonsense apart from the official HAARP site. Look up alien pandas on the internet. You'll get some nutter who believes that pile of crap too! Don't be such a sheep. Maybe, just maybe, the people at HAARP are actually trying to improve our lives?

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