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taal volcano july 1 2021 f

Unprecedented high volcanic SO2 degassing at Taal volcano, Philippines

The highest levels of volcanic sulfur dioxide or SO2 gas emission were recorded today, July 4, 2021, at an average of 22 628 tonnes/day -- representing the highest ever recorded over Taal, PHIVOLCS reports. The previous record was set on June 28, 2021, with 14 326...

July 04, 2021

vog iceland june 2021 f

Vog from Fagradalsfjall completely obscures view to the volcano, Iceland

Volcanic smog (vog) is a visible haze comprised of gas and an aerosol of tiny particles and acidic droplets created when sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other gases emitted from a volcano chemically interact with sunlight and atmospheric oxygen, moisture, and dust. Called...

July 03, 2021

taal february 28 2020 f

Highest ever recorded SO2 emission over Taal, adverse effects reported, Philippines

High levels of volcanic sulfur dioxide or SO2 gas emissions and tall, steam-rich plumes have continued to be produced from the Taal Main Crater since this past weekend, PHIVOLCS reported on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. Unprecedented SO2 emissions were recorded on June...

June 29, 2021

taal june 26 2021 f

Taal Volcano Advisory: Vog observed over Taal Caldera, pronounced haze over the caldera region

Volcanic smog or vog has been observed over Taal Caldera resulting from continued volcanic SO2 gas emission from the Main Crater. High levels of volcanic sulfur dioxide or SO2 gas emissions and steam-rich plumes that rose as much as 3 km (9 842 feet) high have been...

June 28, 2021

volcanic haze micronesia may 2018

Health alerts issued as hazardous 'vog' from Kilauea spreads through Micronesia

High sulfur dioxide emissions and other gasses and particles released during ongoing eruption of Hawaiian Kilauea volcano have reached Micronesia, some 4 000 km (2 500 miles) west of the volcano, forcing authorities to issue health alerts. The latest NOAA HYSPLIT...

May 29, 2018