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black holes ngc 6397 f

Hubble discovers concentration of small black holes at the heart of globular cluster NGC 6397

Astronomers on the hunt for an intermediate-mass black hole at the heart of the globular cluster NGC 6397, found something they weren’t expecting -- a concentration of smaller black holes lurking there instead of one massive black hole. Image credits: NASA,...

February 11, 2021


Hubble sees nearby asteroids photobombing distant galaxies

Some of our solar system's asteroids have photobombed deep images of the universe taken by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. These asteroids reside, on average, only about 99.4 million km (160 million miles) from Earth — right around the corner in...

November 05, 2017

discovery of runaway star yields clues to breakup of multiple star system

Discovery of runaway star yields clues to breakup of multiple-star system

As British royal families fought the War of the Roses in the 1400s for control of England's throne, a grouping of stars was waging its own contentious skirmish — a star war far away in the Orion Nebula. The stars were battling each other in a gravitational...

March 19, 2017

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Close-up look at disintegrating Comet 332P/Ikeya-Murakami

Hubble Space Telescope has captured one of the sharpest, most detailed observations of a comet breaking apart, which occurred 108 million km (67 million miles) from Earth. Hubble took the images over a three-day span in January 2016 and revealed 25 building-size...

September 16, 2016


Giant hydrogen cloud boomeranging back to Milky Way

A large cloud of hydrogen gas is on a return collision course to the Milky Way galaxy, running towards it with a speed of almost 1 126 540 km/h (700 000 mph) and is expected to hit it in about 30 million years. The new Hubble Space Telescope observations suggest the...

February 03, 2016

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Hidden Hubble treasures - Astronomical forensics uncover planetary disks in image archives

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have applied a new image processing technique to obtain near-infrared scattered light photos of five disks observed around young stars in the Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes database. These disks are telltale evi

April 28, 2014


Hubble telescope witnesses asteroid's mysterious disintegration

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has recorded the never-before-seen break-up of an asteroid into as many as 10 smaller pieces. Fragile comets, comprised of ice and dust, have been seen falling apart as they near the sun, but nothing like this has ever before been

March 07, 2014


Gravitational lensing - NASA's great observatories begin deepest ever probe of the universe

NASA's Hubble, Spitzer and Chandra space telescopes are teaming up to look deeper into the universe than ever before. With a boost from natural "zoom lenses" found in space, they should be able to uncover galaxies that are as much as 100 times

October 29, 2013

4thumb_ISON 30Apr V_I L 800

Hubble releases new stunning image of comet ISON

Enhanced image of comet C/2012 S1 ISON obtained by Hubble Space Telescope on April 30, 2013 have been released yesterday, showing the comet zooming through deep space in all its glory. Hubble Space Telescope views Comet ISON, April 30, 2013 (Credit:

July 17, 2013


Where it rains glass - Hubble finds a bizarre blue exoplanet

Astronomers at NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have, for the first time, identified a true color of planed out of our Solar System. The planet is 63 light-years away and is boringly named HD 189733b but it is rather interesting, bizarre and exotic. It is also

July 12, 2013


Hubble captures Comet ISON in a time-lapse movie

Comet C/2012 S1 ISON is currently flying towards the Sun at a mind boggling speed of about 77 000 km/h (48 000 mph). Recently NASA released a time-lapse movie of the eagerly awaited comet. The movie is composed of images obtained by Hubble Space

July 05, 2013


Hubble reveals Ring Nebula's intriguing details

NASA`s Hubble Space Telescope bring us new, detailed look at the very popular Ring Nebula. Observations by Hubble of the glowing gas shroud around an old, dying, sun-like star reveal some very intriguing details. New images display a more complex structure than

May 28, 2013


Spitzer space telescope observations reveal unusual infant binary star

NASA's Spitzer space telescope observed a rare phenomenon - an infant binary star behind a dense disk and envelope of dust 950 light-years away from Earth flashes at regular intervals. NASA report published on February 7, 2013 says such phenomenon has been observed

February 10, 2013

extreme deep field

eXtreme Deep field - Universe's farthest view ever!

Yet another astounding photo by Hubble mission reveals farthest view into the universe. Called the eXtreme Deep field (XDF), it is a successor of Hubble ultra deep field image created in 2004. XDF (extreme deep field) is a full-colored image developed from photos

September 29, 2012

dn20719 1_600

Fourth moon discovered around Pluto

Five years after Pluto was stripped of its planet status, astronomers have discovered yet another moon in orbit around it, bringing its entourage to four. The tiny body may have been born in the same collision that gave birth to Pluto's other moons.The Hubble Space

July 25, 2011