Nearly 16 000 homes flooded in Russia, 111 200 evacuated in Kazakhstan

Nearly 16 000 homes flooded in Russia, 111 200 evacuated in Kazakhstan april 2024

Catastrophic floods have submerged large areas of south-western Russia and north-western Kazakhstan since April 3, 2024. To date, floods have affected 15 641 homes and 27 993 garden plots in Russia, prompting widespread evacuations and the declaration of state emergencies in affected areas. Nearly 111 200 people were evacuated in Kazakhstan and approximately 5 500 homes were flooded.

In Russia, the hardest-hit area remains the Orenburg Region, where over 15 000 residential properties and 23 600 garden plots face flood threats. A federal state of emergency helps manage the crisis, as the Ural River’s water levels near Orenburg have slightly receded to 11.6 m (38 feet) from a peak, still above the hazardous mark of 9.3 m (30.5 feet).

Simultaneously, the Kurgan Region is experiencing rising waters with the Tobol River expected to reach 11 m (36 feet) by April 15 – 18, surpassing the 8.5 m (27.9 feet) danger level. Evacuation efforts in this region have moved over 12 700 residents to safer areas.

In the Tyumen Region, authorities have proactively declared a state of emergency, anticipating further rises in the Tobol and Ishim rivers. This preemptive measure aims to safeguard over 1 800 houses in 51 settlements potentially in the path of the spring tide.

YouTube video
YouTube video

Other affected Russian regions include Tomsk, where districts are under emergency protocols, and Novosibirsk, where flood risks persist. Buryatia has also reported significant flooding, affecting 35 household plots.

Neighboring Kazakhstan is confronting similar challenges, with the Ministry of Emergency Situations confirming evacuations of nearly 111 200 people, over 6 800 of whom are in evacuation centers.

The floods have damaged approximately 5 500 houses and affected about 180 roads and nine bridges across several regions including Akmola, Aktobe, and North Kazakhstan.


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