Sonic boom shatters windows as meteor explodes over Cuba, numerous meteorites found

Sonic boom shatters windows as meteor explodes over Cuba, numerous meteorites found

A relatively big meteor exploded over the town of Vinales in western Cuba at 18:17 UTC (13:17 local time) on Friday, February 1, 2019. The object produced a loud sonic boom and left a long trail of smoke. Numerous meteorites have already been found.

Residents reported a very loud explosion that shook the ground and shattered windows. There have been no reports of injuries but numerous pieces of the object were found all over western Cuba. 

NASA's JPL estimates the total impact energy at 1.4 kilotons, the largest produced by any fireball since July 25, 2018.

Smoke trail and sonic boom at 0:47 

The American Meteor Society has received only 10 reports by 12:00 UTC, February 2.

Preliminary trajectory by AMS

Featured image: Smoke trail left by a meteor over Cuba on February 1, 2019. 


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Mar 2 years ago

Well, I'm christian and I believes that not everything is linked to God's things. I think there are many signals and these could be a view of the begining of the end: for example next poles' reversion. There is evidence of a decrease in terrestrial magnetism, that protects us from solar radiation and being the pin of the meteorites, and there has not been poles' reversion for several hundred thousand years. About meteorites cuestión, is this a signal from God? It could be or not. I don't know.

Kenneth cash 2 years ago

Still lying to bad to sad! Watchers, but l got some even moor interesting rocks then that to show them if you LIKE. But the truth is that in the last days it said at Mathew 24:29-30 THAT the STARS ( wicked Angels ) WILL fall from the sky.

Brett Smith (CATMAN63) (@Kenneth cash) 2 years ago

Why is it, when I see an interesting science story, a natural and semi-common occurance, do Christian fundamentalists have to sprout their Religion1? I do not think this is the right forum to discuss,"End of days" viewpoint or the fact that a cosmic, terrestrial event,that has been happening since the Earth was Created (Sic) is linked too Morality; i.e. Evil and a non proven entity or myth, such as Angels or God. Can it not be just what it is? A metiorite (s) exploding in the upper Atmosphere.

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