Colliding atmospheres - Mars vs Comet Siding Spring

Colliding atmospheres - Mars vs Comet Siding Spring

It's a known fact that planets have atmospheres, but the same can't be said for comets. The atmosphere of a comet, called its "coma," is made of gas and dust that spew out of the sun-warmed nucleus and it's typically wider than Jupiter.

Latest ScienceCast video examines what might happen if the atmosphere of Comet Siding Spring hits the atmosphere of Mars on October 19, 2014, when the comet flybys just 132 000 km away from the surface of Mars. 

One of the things scientists hope for is that this interaction will lead to some remarkable effects including Martian auroras.

Video courtesy of Science @ NASA



Marietta Alexander 3 years ago

Bible codes researchers say their tables say that Comet Siding Spring is "ordained to strike". Scripture texts in Isaiah and other books of the Bible speak of a time when God will "shake the heavens and the earth". That the earth will be broken, laid waste, the surface burned. God is angry that mankind has ruined the pristine earth, He created. He is also angry at the disobedience of the church and the evil in the hearts of men. He is coming to destroy the wicked and take His People Home to Heaven.

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