New Zealand scientists voice concerns over “most unusual event” in 20 years of studies


Scientists in New Zealand are voicing concerns after monitoring the muttonbird population as it travels back from spending the northern summer in Japan.  In 2005, scientists attached tracking devices to a portion of the bird population.  The New Zealand “muttonbirders” have been concerned ever since the Fukushima plant started leaking radiation last March.

The birds return to New Zealand every November to mate, but Department of Conservation researcher Graeme Taylor says the birds that did return were in a poor condition.

“We won’t know if they’ve died up there in the north Pacific until another year goes by, because sometimes these birds skip a breeding season- where if they are in a poor condition they don’t attempt to breed, and so they may turn up again and breed.

“But if the birds never turn up again then you have to start to wonder what’s gone on with the population.”

Taylor said the research exhibited such a significant drop in numbers, he admitted it was the “most unusual event” in 20 years of studies of the birds’ numbers, adding the condition of muttonbirds suggested they did not get the food in the north Pacific they usually do.

He said many of the birds which arrived back had old feathers on their tails, wings and body.

“I’ve never seen birds in that poor of a condition come back to New Zealand.”

US researchers have requested samples of dead muttonbirds which were found off the coast of New Zealand, so they can be analyzed, with the expectation that some of them will have absorbed some levels of Cesium.

Source: NZHerald.co.nz

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  1. Birds do tell a story. Not everyone likes to hear it though. We may all cry for proof – smoke is enough proof of a fire even if you dont see the flames. Man must take responsibility for his own lapses so too governments and nations for they are all part of man’s social belongings. The Japan tsunami exposed a time bomb in that the weakest link gave way – the nuclear power plant. Japan may want to hide her faults, but its too late, it was hidden for several years and now the bomb exploded before the government could do a thing. The birds to tell a story – they die for us, before we will by our own science where we demand proofs for our own mistakes. That is indeed the antithesis.

  2. Maybe they need tangible evidence. It is easy to say we caused this we caused that but as a scientist, they need specific proof, or supporting evidence for an arguement. They have to study first before assuming the obvious. Despite the fact that “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses, not zebras” where the obvious answer is the correct answer but not in all cases. As big issue as this, a concrete and realistic proof is required.

  3. it is sad.

    Just add it to the long list of things we have done wrong on this planet.

    I believe things will be set right again soon enough and man wont have anything to do with it, the cleansing will come from a higher power.

    1. “We” haven’t done spit. “We” are only playing the cards that are being dealt to us, by a power/money hungry luciferian elite.

      I get a kick out of how some of the social engineering of today involves convincing people “We” are playing are part in making the Earth a better place, specifically with recycling. What a con. All while the giant corps that devour small businesses pump out tons and tons of unnecessary garbage into their products. Making everything throw away especially with electronics, just to keep the profits rolling in. For them it’s all about the dollar.

      The technology that would have eliminated the control grid of transportation and energy was known 100 years ago.

  4. awwww, come on now….you mean to tell me they really have no idea what could be affecting them….Well I’ll give them a little hint…….it’s called FUKUSHIMA YOU @#%*@#% IDIOTS!!!! NOT TO MENTION THE EARTHS WEAKENING MAGNETIC FIELD DUE TO IT’S UPCOMING POLE SHIFT…..ALSO NOT A GOOD THING WHEN DEALING WITH A ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF SOLAR FLARES AND ALL THAT EXTRA RADIATION THEY CARRY WITH IT….but go right on ahead and pretend like everything is normal around here…..soon enough, we’ll ALL be eating RADIOACTIVE MEATS AND VEGETABLES AND DRINKING IT TOO THAT’LL BE KILLING US….THAT IS, IF THE WEAKENED MAGNETIC FIELD AND UPCOMING POLE SHIFT DOESN’T KILL US FIRST….

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