TC Irina pounds Madagascar and heading toward Mozambique

TC Irina pounds Madagascar and heading toward Mozambique

Serious flooding and wind damage will remain threats to Madagascar as tropical cyclone Irina continues drifting southward over the Mozambique Channel. A forecast turn to the southwest could eventually lead to a direct strike upon the African coast in southern Mozambique. The track over warm, open water would allow significant intensification.Torrential rain pounded parts of Madagascar Thursday as Tropical Cyclone Irina skirted its west coast with highest sustained winds were estimated at 60 to 65 mph. There were no reports of injury or serious damage so far.

Irina began as a tropical depression near the Seychelles on 25 February, and tracked across northern Madagascar this week as a soaking low pressure area. Named System 92S, it strengthened into Cyclone Irina off Cape St Andre, Madagascar. Now in the warm waters of the Mozambique Channel (the body of water between the island nation of Madagascar to the east and Mozambique to the west), Irina is strengthening as it tracks southwestward. Before Irina, Tropical Cyclone Funso, the first Tropical Cyclone to affect Mozambique since Jokwe in 2008, led the way into the Channel, forming on January 19, 2012 and dissipating January 29, 2012. Intense Tropical Cyclone Giovanna followed, forming on February 9 and, after making landfall on Madagascar and killing at least 31 people, dissipated east of Madagascar on February 21.

TC Irina (14S) is currently located 425 nm east-northeast of Maputo (Mozambique) and it is moving southwestward at 17 knots over the past six hours according to Joint Typhoon Warning Center. TC Irina is expected to continue tracking along the northern periphery of a deep-layered subtropical ridge to the south up to landfall and dissipation into Mozambique.

Barring an unforeseen shift to the east, any widespread wind damage in Madagascar should be confined to the southwestern coast nearest the cyclone's direct path. However, flooding rain could happen almost anywhere on the island. As of Thursday, for instance, the east coast town of Toamasina had already picked up more than 250 mm, or 10 inches, of rain since the start of the week.

The threat of a tropical cyclone landfall in southern Mozambique will grow on Saturday and should happen by Sunday, according to current indications. The area of landfall, which could include the capital, Maputo, will be at risk of flooding rain and damaging wind.


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Lia Wissing 9 years ago

We'e had (Port Edward: south coast of Kwazulu Natal) light rain early this morning (4 March) and then, later, heavier rain. No wind. Do we expect Irina to come here and if so, approximately when?

Hanlie 9 years ago

When will Irini hit the Lowveld of Mmumalanga

chantel 9 years ago

Is there another cyclone behind TC Irina and if so,, will it head to SA

Chillymanjaro (@chantel) 9 years ago

There is another system forming around Rodrigues Islands, following the track of Irina, but for now it is not expected to gain strenght and become powerfull cyclone that will make landfall at Madagascar and continue further throught the channel toward SA. But this will surely be busy year considering tropical cyclones.

Edna (@chillymanjaro) 9 years ago

Please keep me posted on the other system. My children are staying in Toamasina

Chillymanjaro (@Edna) 9 years ago

For now that system dissipated and posses no threat to Madagascar. New system is forming but it is closer to Australia then Africa so for now it looks like you are safe. Nothing to worry about. Enjoy the sun and sea!

mrVynes 9 years ago

Wow. Looks like I'm gonna be smack in the middle of this one... South Africa, Southern border of Swaziland.

Chillymanjaro (@mrVynes) 9 years ago

Unfortunately , it looks so. Be prepared, powers of nature can be dreadfull. And stay safe, wish you luck! Blessings!

Tawwa Tienie 9 years ago

Thank you for the nice photos and updates on the Cyclone. North Coast South Africa.

Teo Blašković (@Tawwa Tienie) 9 years ago

Thanks friend!

Grant 9 years ago

Please keep me posted on TC Irina

Teo Blašković (@Grant) 9 years ago

Sure! no problem

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