Reventador is waking up - Three volcanoes on alert in Ecuador

Reventador is waking up - Three volcanoes on alert in Ecuador

There is new activity recorded at Reventador volcano, as well as at Sangay and ongoing Tungurahua volcanoes in Ecuador. New reports are coming from nearby Colombian Galeras and Fuego volcanoes. Down North in Chile Lascar is waking up and Cordon-Puyehue Calle continues with ongoin activity.


Constant emissions of gas and steam rising about 300 m above the crater and drifting WNW was observed on January 6-7 by IG staff conducting fieldwork at Reventador volcano. The emissions originated from a growing lava dome that was a few tens of meters above the crater rim and almost filled the base.

Reventador is the most frequently active of a chain of Ecuadorian volcanoes in the Cordillera Real. A 3-km-wide caldera breached to the east was formed by edifice collapse and is partially filled by a young, unvegetated stratovolcano that rises about 1,300 m above the caldera floor. Reventador has been the source of numerous lava flows as well as explosive eruptions that were visible from Quito in historical time. Frequent lahars in this region of heavy rainfall have constructed a debris plain on the eastern floor of the caldera. The largest historical eruption at Reventador took place in 2002, producing a 17-km-high eruption column, pyroclastic flows that traveled up to 8 km, and lava flows from summit and flank vents. (GVP)


Based on information from Guayaquil MWO and a pilot report, a possible ash plume from Sangay was reported on 8 January.  The isolated Sangay volcano, located east of the Andean crest, is the southernmost of Ecuador's volcanoes, and its most active. The dominantly andesitic volcano has been in frequent eruption for the past several centuries. Constant eruptive activity has caused frequent changes to the morphology of the summit crater complex. (GVP)


Decreasing activity at Tungurahua was reported during 4-10 January. On 4 January steam plumes rose as high as 500 m above the crater and drifted W. Additional steam plumes observed on 8 January also drifted West. The latest eruption began in October 1999 and prompted temporary evacuation of the town of Baños on the N side of the volcano.


Washington Vulcanic Ash Advisory Center (VAAC)

Here is  a list of active and extinct volcanoes in Ecuador:

NameMetersFeetCoordinatesLast Eruption
El Altar/Capacurco540517,7301.68°S 78.42°W
Antisana575318,8700.48°S 78.14°W1802
Atacazo446314,6390.353°S 78.617°W-
Carihuairazo501816,46301°24′25″S 78°45′00″WUnknown
Cayambe579018,9910.029°N 77.986°W1786
Chacana464315,2290.37°S 78.25°W1773
Chichoca324610,6470.308°N 78.364°W-
Chiles475615,6160°47′52″N 77°57′3″W1936
Chimborazo626720,56001°28′09″S 78°49′03″W640 AD ± 500 years
Corazón479015,7150.43°S 77.72°WHolocene
Cotopaxi589719,3470.677°S 78.436°W1940
Cuicocha324610,6490°18′30″N 78°21′50″W950 BC
Cusin--0.15°N 78.14°W-
Illiniza524817,2130.659°S 78.714°WHolocene
Imbabura455714,9520.26°N 78.18°WLate Pleistocene
Licto333610,9451.47°N 78.67°W-
Mojanda426313,9830.13°N 78.27°WHolocene
Pan de Azucar348217,2130.659°S 78.714°WHolocene
Pasochoa--0.46°S 78.48°W-
Guagua Pichincha478415,6920.171°S 78.598°W2004
Pululagua335611,0080.038°N 78.463°W-
Quilotoa391412,8380.85°S 78.90°W1797
Reventador356211,6830.007°S 77.65°W2007
Rumiñahui472115,4890°38′0″S 78°32′0″WUnknown
Sangay518817,0172.03°S 78.34°W2007
Sincholagua4873-0°32′44.86″S 78°21′59.69″W-
Soche395512,9720.552°N 77.580°W-
Sumaco399013,0870.53°S 77.62°W1933
Tulabug333610,9421.78°S 78.613°WHolocene
Tungurahua502316,4751.467°S 78.442°W2011
(Source: Wikipedia)

Featured image credit: Patricio Ramon, 2005 (Instituto Geofisca, Escuela Politecnica Nacional)/Global Volcanism Program


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Sofia 9 years ago

The information regarding the volcano Imbabura is incorrect. The last eruption was in 1868 and it devastated the city of Ibarra. A lot more recent than the late Pleistocene!

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