Massive power outage in San Diego/Orange County/Tijuana/Parts of AZ


From AZ Central and LATimes comes informtion about a large swath of San Diego County that lost power Thursday afternoon as officials investigated the cause of the outage. Residents reported power being out across the city of San Diego as well as suburbs such as Oceanside and Chula Vista.

Sheriff’s officials told Fox 5 San Diego that many of its substations were without power. Utility officials are trying to determine what caused the outage. There were also reports that parts of Orange County lost power.

Police spokeswoman Andra Brown said Thursday that 13 police stations were without power but were able to continue operating and taking 911 calls by using generators. She says power is out across San Diego County. It wasn’t immediately known how many people were without power or what the cause was.

San Diego Gas & Electric Co. officials did not immediately respond to phone message.

Fox5SanDiego reports that authorities said power was out in El Centro in Imperial County. KSWT-TV reported that power was out in Yuma, Ariz., although Phoenix had power.

Mexican television reported that power was out in Baja California as far south as Ensenada.

The San Diego Trolley is without power. There are reports of people trapped in elevators in downtown San Diego.

All outbound flights have been canceled at Lindbergh Field, but inbound planes are being allowed to land, airport officials said. The FAA said that regional air traffic controllers are working on backup generators.

10News reports that San Diego Gas & Electric crews are trying to determine the cause of the outage, which has affected various cities around the county, from the South Bay to downtown, to cities in the North County and into areas as far east as El Centro. SDG&E representatives say they are looking into the issue and currently do not know what caused the outages.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department officials are urging residents to stay indoors and to limit phone use.


Parts of Mexico’s Baja California state were also without power, the Civil Protection Department there said, adding that authorities there were working to fix a problem at a hydroelectric plant. San Diego County had activated its emergency operations center as officials tried to learn more about the blackout, county spokesman Michael Workman said.

This is crazy, gridlock everywhere,” Brian Korhummel told CNN’s iReport.

Officials call on residents to limit landline and cell phone use. Ham radio operator tells KOGO that Cochella and Salton Sea power plants have gone down.

An SDG&E spokesman said just before 5 p.m. that the outage could last into Friday after a “large switching station” in Arizona was knocked out. A “cascading event” overwhelmed the system, leading to “too many outages in to many places,” he said. The Escondido and Otay Mesa power plans were to be brought online first, “working from the inside out.” Many radio stations are out

We don’t know what happened to the line, all we know is that the line is out. We don’t know exactly why it went out. We have no indication that there is an act of terroriusm at this time.”

A breakdown in the Rosarito thermoelectric seems to cause a widespread blackout in San Diego, Tijuana, Mexicali, Tecate, Rosarito and Ensenada that was presented at the edge of 15:45 pm today . According to the Tijuana Fire Director Carlos Martinez, it is assumed that the heating of thermal turbines in Rosarito, which provides electricity throughout the state and part of San Diego, was the reason for the problem. So far authorities have not given an official response from the reasons for the widespread blackout.

The Associated Press reports that 13 police stations in San Diego were without power but were able to continue operating and taking 911 calls by using generators.

SDG&E reported approximately 1.4 million customers are without power in California, Arizona and Mexico.

The Associated Press reports that 13 police stations in San Diego were without power but were able to continue operating and taking 911 calls by using generators.

SDG&E reported approximately 1.4 million customers are without power in California, Arizona and Mexico.

At a late afternoon news conference, a spokesman said that the outage started with a problem on a transmission line in Arizona. That caused a sequence of events that shut down both generators at San Onofre Nuclear Power Station .  The other two  main power supplies to the region, a transmission line from the north and another from the east, were also down, the spokesman said.


SDG&E said both its power supplies were compromised, though it is unclear exactly how. Lines from Arizona and from the north appeared to fail, the utility said.

“Hot days in a row like we have had create lots of power flowing. Could have had an impact,” SDG&E said in a statement on Twitter. >



The California Independent System Operator issued this statement (via City News Service):

The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) issued a transmission emergency after a major system disturbance occurred between Arizona and Southern California and caused all of San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) and a small portion of Southern California Edison customers to lose power.The outage was triggered after a 500-kilovolt (kV) high-voltage line from Arizona to California tripped out of service. The transmission outage cut the flow of imported power into the most southern portion of California, resulting in wide-spread outages in the region.

The ISO is coordinating with SDG&E as well as neighboring utilities including Southern California (Edison) and utilities in Arizona and Mexico, during restoration of service, which is being managed by SDG&E.


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  1. I’m not sold that “One Guy” can do this. That seems to always be the plan, blame one guy, person or group. Who’s to even say this guy actually exist? People want answers; To blame someone seems logical from those in power. Their motto, “Give them what they wan to hear.” We see it time and time again in politics and government.

  2. first of all it was not a big deal. the power went out in the city of san diego around 3:30pm and some of us had our power on by 10:45pm. people do need to be prepared, more so people need to stop reacting out of fear or they are letting those who continue to lie to us, win. at the exact time of the blackout, my brother had started to walk tot he corner store to get a gallon of water. i called him when i couldnt find the fuse box as i had figured it was just our power, but soon found out it was everyone within a hundred miles or more. when my brother returned he explained to me he heard two VERY loud booms, similar to sonic booms from the space shuttle (were originally from florida) but much louder. before he told me, i assumed solar flares, as i know we are in a high flare cycle, but we are thinking something very shady is happening. later in the night when we were on our porch my brother, who used to be in the army, identified some sort of military cargo plane, i dont remember what he called it. a few hours later, we saw an air force jet, emitting chem trails across a large area of the black out….. either way, we all need to eb aware the earth is shifting and anyone who doesnt want to make the shift with her, wont. remember to live in love and peace, radically forgiving everything you do and others do. peace

    1. We do not only supply electric power to Northern mexico, We also receive elctric power from Northern Mexico. It’s a Power Grid arragement where both countries inport and export electric power as needed to balance the load on the power grid distribution system.

  3. It was complete gridlock. If you’re not prepared, then get prepared. I could go a month living my house with food and water. I think the best advice during these times is to immediately conserve, but not just energy, I mean everything: food, water, gas, charcoal, bottles, blankets, snacks, etc.

    By the way, prayers were answered and power is now fully restored. Thank you to the men and women who worked all night to fix this!

  4. So now the terrotists know that one man (close to Yuma) can make a fatal error and shut down major citries, effecting nearly every aspect of life and leaving millions of people literally ‘In The Dark.’ Really, that is the security we have?…and 9-11 just a couple of days away. I can only imagine what a large team of terrorists could accomplish with such knowldege.

    Methinks we have a huge burden to overcome quickly. Methinks we need to make some Constitutional amendments in a hurry. Under no circumstances should terrorists recieve the rights of american Citizens. wehn captured, they should face a military tribunal in a New York Minute and then be executed.

    Question? why did one man have the capactity to do such a horrific deed? Error or not.

    No Happy….BTW, Green Bay barely got by New Orleans. Two stops in the red zone saved the Pack. Questionable calls by NO coaches.

  5. What ever the cause was it should show all of us that we need to be alittle more prepared to be able to get by without power just in case something more serious were to happen and the power was not able to be turned back on for a few days or more. We all are so used to having power at a flip of a switch and without it we cant do anything.

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