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Kilauea lava flow about 5 days from Pahoa Marketplace, Hawaii

In their latest Kilauea status update issued 08:06 UTC today, HVO said that the June 27th flow remains active, with a new lobe advancing an average of 285 m/day (310 yd/day) between December 9 and 16.The leading edge is about 1.5 km (0.9 mi) from the Pahoa Marketplace,

December 17, 2014


Kilauea's lava flow burns its first house in Pahoa, Hawaii

According to Hawaii County Civil Defense update issued 22:15 UTC on November 10, the front of Kilauea's lava flow remains approximately 150 meters (480 feet) from the Pahoa Village Road. ​An upslope breakout in the area of Apa’a Street near the cemetery had

November 11, 2014

kilauea_lava_flow_nov_2 3_2014

Kilauea eruption and lava flow update, Hawaii

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) said in their Kilauea volcano status update issued 03:42 UTC today, that the leading edge of the lava flow has not advanced since Thursday, October 30 when it was in a residential area approximately 155 meters (170 yards) above Pāhoa

November 03, 2014


Lava flow from Kilauea approaching residential properties, Hawaii

Hawaiian Kīlauea continues to erupt at its summit and within the East Rift Zone with elevated gas emissions. Currently, the June 27th lava flow is advancing northeast between Apa`a St/Cemetery Rd and Pāhoa Village Road. As of 02:30 UTC today (16:30 local time on Octo

October 28, 2014